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Tornado in an open field

What to Look for in a Storm Shelter?

Oklahomans start putting serious thought into their weather safety plans as spring approaches every year. Being situated in the Tornado Alley, a region in central United States frequented by seasonal high winds, storms, and tornados, Oklahoma and other states like Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, and Iowa, are prone to extreme weather at least once every year.

Thanks to the effects of climate change, the intensity of these extreme weather events increases as the years pass. A great way to stay safe from recurring tornados is having storm shelters or safe rooms ready to use in times of need. More people and organizations, especially in the Tornado Alley, are building storm shelters in their homes, offices, and public spaces. With a better understanding of the true nature of tornado-induced calamities, and technological advancement, modern storm shelters are bigger, stronger, and last longer than their predecessors.

If you have decided to purchase a storm shelter, it is advised that you know the critical factors and features that you should look for, so you can make an informed decision. Below is a list of some of the most important features that a good storm shelter must have:

Tornado in an open field

Compliant with Regulations

The two stamps to look for in a storm shelter are FEMA (federal emergency management agency) Standards and a professional impact test such as the Texas Impact Test. All professional storm shelter service providers need to meet these key requirements to ensure customers that their storm shelters are worth investing in.

Materials used

If the storm shelter is FEMA compliant, there is really no need to check for other features, but just to be sure, physically check all the materials used in a storm shelter. Ask the storm shelter maker to provide a material safety data sheet (MSDS) and strength test data of materials used in the storm shelter.


Good storm shelters are built to be accessible to disabled people as well. According to your family’s needs, make sure the storm shelter you buy is accessible and easy to use by even children.

Tornado destruction

Learn more about the many kinds of storm shelters (underground bunkers, garage shelters, concrete storm shelters) available at Oklahoma Shelters, one of the most trusted and professional storm shelter services in Oklahoma. We build and deliver shelters in Norman, Moore, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Edmond. Contact us now to get your free quote, and click here for the complete range of our products.

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