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Dark clouds over a house

Best Ways To Prepare For Tornado Season in Oklahoma

Residents of Oklahoma know that the extreme weather season of the state is hard to deal with. It’s a factor that keeps Oklahomans confused the whole year, and they have to be fully prepared before the storm season hits the state. Oklahoma is notorious for its tornadoes and recently broke the record for most tornadoes in the year 2019.

Strong winds, hail, severe rains, floods, and other extreme weather events may be devastating to residences and enterprises. Property damage is expensive, but it’s made worse when individuals aren’t prepared for storms and haven’t implemented steps to safeguard their families, workers, and belongings. There aren’t many public storm shelters in Oklahoma to protect yourself from the storm when you’re outdoors.

However, you may take steps now to reduce the potential for harm and be safe. As when the storm season hits full throttle, make sure you have a solid strategy in place for your home and business.

Following are some best ways to prepare for the tornado season in Oklahoma:

Dark clouds over a house


Preplanning is important in these critical circumstances. One should know how they’re going to cope with such extreme weather. The first thing you need to ensure is your—and your family’s—safety. You’ll need to have a tornado storm shelter, in case you don’t have one already.


Emergency kits can come in handy if a storm hits suddenly. Your emergency kit may include first aid, water, snacks, energy bars, flashlight, extra batteries, extra clothes, and similar items. It’s also essential to teach your kids to make their emergency kit for the storm in case you’re not home. Get everyone in your house prepared.


Residents of Oklahoma install emergency storm shelters to escape from extreme thunderstorms. Make sure you have your underground bunker or garage shelter ready and fully stocked with all the necessities. These may include health kits, food items, water, snacks, batteries, flashlights, power banks for your phones, and extra clothes.


This is an important tip. Always be aware of possible tornado occurrences. Keep a close eye on weather forecasts and tornado-related warnings. Don’t fall for unreliable news on social media. Always check the official sources. If you have insurance, make sure it’s up to date. You can also consult a storm shelter expert in Oklahoma.

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Still unsure if you’re adequately prepared for the storm? Wondering what more you can do to ensure your and your family’s safety? Contact us at Oklahoma Shelters. We provide the protection people need in cases of extreme tornados. Our shelters and safe rooms can protect you and your family from harsh weather and help save your belongings. Our services include slope top shelters, underground cement shelters, concrete storm shelters, garage shelters, and more.

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