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A concrete shelter outside

Why Having A Concrete Storm Shelter Is A Smart Move

If a major storm is about to hit your city you may be asked to evacuate your home. All you want is to keep your loved ones safe, which storm shelters do. The cities that face a lot of hurricanes, hailstorms, snowstorms, and tornadoes usually have above-the-ground storm shelters in homes. But unfortunately, these are not spacious or resourceful enough for the entire population.

There are more than 1500 tornadoes in the US every year. This means that intelligent homeowners should make it their priority to build a storm shelter in their homes so they can quickly enter their personalized storm shelter as needed. Here are solid reasons you should also invest in a concrete storm shelter.

A concrete shelter outside

Have enough space and resources

City shelters are helpful but lack different resources required for your family. They also run out of space quickly as they aren’t spacious enough for the entire city. First aid supplies are resources that end quickly because these shelters aren’t meant to hold too many people and those arriving there may be injured already.

You get to safety quicker

Every minute is crucial when a natural disaster hits. That’s why you shouldn’t spend your time on the road; instead, you should have an above-ground storm shelter in your backyard. Get your family to safety, and then reach out to your neighbors as well if you have room.

The shelter will add value to your property

Buyers are always looking for value-added features in any property they want to buy. A fully installed concrete storm shelter home will be a solid addition to a home, especially if you live in Tornado Alley. Given the value a storm shelter will add, you should get one installed right away.

A concrete shelter dune outside.

A place for your valuables

Storm shelters are not just for your family members but also for irreplaceable valuables. Your cellphones, laptops, passports, educational documents, property documents and medical records are either irreplaceable or difficult to replace. Although not as important as your life, these items are needed to claim insurance.

Personalized emergency supplies

Whatever your family’s and your medical needs are, you can’t expect a random storm shelter to be equipped for those. You can stock personalized medical supplies in your own shelter. From oxygen cylinders to asthma pumps—the choice is yours.

If you need a storm shelter, get one installed through Oklahoma Shelters. We provide above ground concrete storm shelters in Oklahoma. We have different designs and sizes for concrete storm shelters. All our shelters are tested to withstand flying debris and strong winds. We also have garage shelters for sale Oklahoma City. So, contact us today to protect your family.

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