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A family inside an underground steel bunker

6 Things to Keep in your Tornado Shelter

A tornado can last for several hours with winds of 200–300 mph. This is why we suggest installing storm safe shelters and underground bunkers to stay protected during this natural disaster.

It’s wise to store certain essentials in a bunker since you’ll likely be spending a few hours inside. Your safe shelter must be stocked properly to stay comfortable during the storm and through its aftermath.

Below, we have listed down some important things that you must keep in your storm safe rooms for both long- and short-term stays:

A family inside an underground steel bunker

Things to Keep in Your Tornado Shelter

Water & Food

These essential requirements are the first items you should store in the storm shelter. The food must be non-perishable to be stored for months without spoiling.

You must be cautious and properly store everything so that they don’t fall and cause injury. You must also store baby food and supplies if you have babies in your household.

Clothes & Footwear

The authorities highly stress wearing proper footwear during a tornado. This is because a tornado’s rapid winds carry a lot of debris, including shards of glass that can injure bare feet. It’s also crucial to keep a change of clothes to replace the ones you’re wearing if they get wet.


You never know how long you’re going to stay in the bunker. It can often last through the night, and conditions can get severely cold. Store blankets inside the bunker for warmth when needed.

Lighting Equipment

Most concrete storm shelters have a substitute connection to lighting, but you can’t rely on it amidst severe weather conditions. Without adequate lighting, you may be forced to survive in pitch-black darkness, which can be troublesome.

Lamps are useful for illuminating safe rooms, while flashlights can help you prepare to leave if necessary. When you store batteries for your flashlight, remember that they might deteriorate with time and leak harmful acid, so replace them every few months.

First-Aid Kit

Rushing to your shelter at the time of the storm can cause panic and injure you. You wouldn’t want to wait for the storm to pass before getting bandages if this happens. So it’s essential to have a first-aid kit in your shelter at all times.

Ensure your first-aid kit has antiseptic wipes, band-aids, painkillers, and other necessary health items. Also, include any medication prescribed to you or your family members.

Other Important Things

There are some other things you can also keep inside the shelter. These include:

  • Tissues/napkins
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Trash bags
  • Portable chargers/power banks
  • Board games
  • Pillows
  • Personal documents

The inside of a steel safe room being installed underground

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