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Canned foods stored.

5 Things You Should Store In Your Underground Bunker

Underground bunkers have been around for a long time, and many have survived multiple natural disasters. However, getting an underground bunker installed isn’t where your precautions should end, Stocking it with the correct items is tricky.

You need to think of all the basic items you might need, and if you have a large family or household, you also have to think about the quantity of the items you’re stocking. It would be best if you made these calculations before you went shopping. A person can survive a long time in an underground bunker. So it would be wise to stock plenty of supplies for each person.

Here are some of the most basic items humans need to survive in an underground bunker.


You can go without eating for weeks, but won’t survive without water for even a few days. Water is essential for your survival—not just for drinking but to keep clean as well. You don’t know how long you will be in this underground bunker, so you must stock a lot of water to ensure there’s no insecurity about water or chances of dehydration.

Canned foods stored.

Non-perishable food

There’s no place for perishable items in your underground bunker because the expired product will not help you survive. Instead, you need foods with extended expiration dates. Pickles, seeds, nuts, and canned goods are all non-perishable foods that can be stored in an underground bunker. Make sure you have a variety of food to keep yourself healthy.

Warm clothes and bedding

Extra warm clothes and bedding is crucial since you may not get sunlight or fresh air for some time when in the bunker. This makes it more likely that your immune system will weaken, which means you are prone to more cold and flu bacteria. During high fevers, warm clothes will not seem like a bad idea, which takes us to the next essential item.

A first aid kit on display.

Medical supplies

One of the most important things you need is over the counter pain relievers. In addition, you need supplements such as Vitamin D, C, A, and E to get the nutrients you may not get from food. You might also need to stock up on personal medications, for example, high blood pressure meds, insulin, blood thinners, and anti-arrhythmics.

Important documents

Official documents, like degrees, property papers, and identification shouldn’t be left behind. These documents are hard to replace; so you must take them to the underground bunker with you.

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