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A huge rope tornado sight through a field

The Dos and Don’ts of Tornado Safety

Storms and tornadoes are common in Oklahoma. While people have realized the importance of storm safe shelters in OKC, there are still many things to do and not do when a storm is passing through.

We’ve listed some things you must do to stay safe before, during, and after a tornado:

A huge rope tornado sight through a field

Storm Shelters


This is the most important thing to do when you get a tornado warning alert from the authorities. Make your way to your storm shelters or underground bunkers installed in your home or your workplace.

If you don’t have one installed, take your necessities and seek refuge in the community shelter while the storm passes.

If your community doesn’t have a shelter, go to the nearest building and find a room in the basement or the lowest levels.


If you live in a mobile home, never stay inside and hope for the tornado to pass. Whether in a public building or at home, don’t go near windows or doors during a tornado. If you’re sitting in your basement, make sure there isn’t a heavy object right above you that can fall and cause a serious injury.

Shelter Supplies


Since there’s uncertainty about the time you’ll be spending in your shelter, make sure you stock it with essential items such as water, food, and a first-aid kit. Other things to store include prescription medicines, important documents, sanitary items, kid activities, and a source of light.


Don’t store perishable food that may rot in a short time. Don’t use heavy containers for storage that may fall and hurt you or your loved ones. Don’t forget your first-aid kit and other sanitary items. Lastly, don’t rely on a wired light source because it may malfunction as the weather condition worsens.

Driving During a Storm


If you find yourself in your car during the time of impact, fasten your seatbelt till you find a safe house. Park the vehicle in an appropriate place and make your way inside the safe house until the threat passes.


Don’t try to outrun the storm in your car. Don’t park the car under heavy objects like a tree or a street light. Don’t stay inside the vehicle in the open when the storm passes through.

A steel storm shelter room ready to be installed

Order Home Shelters in OK

Getting a safe storm shelter for your home is the best solution to limit destruction and losses. If you’re looking to invest in reliable Oklahoma thunderstorm shelters, consider Oklahoma Shelters.

We provide robust and dependable shelters and safe rooms with years of warranty. We also offer inspection and free consultation for the right choice of storm safe shelters for your home.

Learn more about us by contacting our experts today.

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