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An abandoned safe room.

Safe Room: What They Are And Why You Need One

Safe rooms are secure rooms that are either detached from your home or built within it. They provide security from intruders, burglars, kidnappers, natural disasters, and storms. These safe spaces should not be underestimated as they can withstand a lot of external force.

Safe rooms have bulletproof doors and the walls are soundproof so that intruders cannot intimidate or find you. In addition, safe rooms have concrete floors for protection. Bigger safe or panic rooms can also have camera systems that you can view different areas of the house with.

An abandoned safe room.

In case of kidnapping

Parents may install safe rooms to keep their kids safe from kidnappers or intruders. The intruder will not be able to access the safe room as it will require a code to enter. Some safe rooms are even hidden behind bookshelves to conceal the opening. So the next time you leave your kids at home, make sure you teach them how to access the safe room in case of an emergency.

In case of burglary

There are thousands of cases of burglary every year. The victims are traumatized for life, sometimes injured and murdered. Due to this, you should have a safe space where you can hide and call the police to if you feel someone is trying to break in.

Safe rooms should be stocked with electronic supplies such as burner phones to inform your neighbors or the police.

Thief breaking into a home.

Warning for natural disaster

In addition, cities prone to natural disasters usually have warning sirens for the citizens. These sirens indicate that you must find shelter immediately, especially if you’re in Tornado Alley.

Installing a safe room will give you the advantage of accessing safety immediately every time. In addition, safe rooms are well equipped with communication devices and non-perishable foods.

If you think you need a safe room for you home, do not hold back. Get one from our experts at Oklahoma Shelters, and we provide safe rooms and storm shelters in Oklahoma City. We have years of experience building underground bunkers  and concrete storm shelters in Oklahoma. Our priority is your security. That’s why you should contact us for your safety room installation.

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