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Tornados Guide 101: How to Build Your Safe Room Accordingly?

Natural disasters can be deadly, and the aftermath is overwhelming to deal with. If there’s a storm warning issued in your area, the first thing you should do is plan out the evacuation plan for you and your family.

Installing a safe room or storm shelter in Oklahoma can help you ensure your protection during the tough times. Let’s take a look at how you can build it according to your family’s needs.

strong waves

Don’t Simply Rely on the Basement

Yes, basements are the perfect spot to find shelter during tornadoes, but sometimes, the winds can be so strong that they can collapse the basement walls, ceilings. You can use them as a backup plan but don’t simply rely on finding refuge in the basement.

To ensure maximum protection, you’ll need a safe room in Oklahoma that’s built in accordance with the FEMA guidelines.

Is Your Area Prone to Flooding?

Check the weather updates and see if there’s a chance of flooding. The basement won’t be suitable to have a safe room installed in if there’s a warning of flooding in your area.

If there’s a chance of flooding, install a safe room at the ground level or inside your home.

Be Considerate About All Your Family Members

Do you have handicapped, bedridden, or a person with special needs at your home? In that case, you’ll need to be more considerate while building a safe room.

If you’re installing it in a basement, then make sure there’s a passage for the wheelchair to go through. There’s also a minimum criterion for the floor area per occupant so consider that too.

A bedridden person needs a minimum of 30 square feet for a tornado safe room, you’ll need to ask the professionals to build it accordingly.

Important Aspects

For a safe room, you’ll have to consider its size and the materials used in the construction, such as concrete, wood. Moreover, it’s also important to plan whether you want it below ground or installed externally. You can also consult professionals before you come up with a decision.

We can’t determine for how long you’ll need to be in the safe room, since the tornadoes are unpredictable. To be on the safe side, you can also look for other amenities, like a bathroom, first aid kid, food supplies.

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We realize that natural disasters can be deadly and can cost a lot to human life. Thus, it’s essential to take safety precautions to keep yourself, and your families safe.

Having storm shelters, and safe rooms can protect you during tornado-emergency situations. If you’re looking to get storm shelters that come with ten years warranty, you can count on us.

We also provide underground bunkers, concrete storm shelters that meet and exceed the FEMA guidelines. Contact us today to get a free quote. At Oklahoma Shelters, your safety is our priority.

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