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collapsed buildings after a tornado

4 Benefits of a Community Storm Shelter

It can be a hassle to ensure the safety of hundreds of people during a tornado. Most workplaces in the US don’t have adequate sheltering options despite constant tornado warnings.

To play your part in keeping your employees safe and invest in a community storm shelter. Let’s take a look at why it’s important and beneficial.

collapsed buildings after a tornado

A Community Storm Shelter Accommodates More People

Only a few people can fit in a safe room or tornado shelter due to its limited size. But do you have a labor force of hundred people? Don’t fret!

It’s easier to accommodate more people in a community storm shelter. But the tornado winds are stronger than that of a hurricane, so make sure that the shelter is developed with a hazard-resistant code.

Helps Keep the Community Safe

Although FEMA provides funds up to 75 percent of the cost to build tornado shelters in Oklahoma, not every community or household can spend on adequate sheltering. The aftermath of destruction is already too costly to deal with.

However, with a community storm shelter, you can fulfill a social responsibility to keep your fellow neighbors or workers safe too.

Ensures Safety in Public Places

The delay of a single second can cost you your life during a tornado. Community storm shelters at public places can keep you safe. You won’t need to rush to your home if there’s a tornado warning issued. Find refuge in a safe room or community shelter nearby.

They can ensure the safety of people at daycare, schools, nursing homes, and other public places. Check the FEMA guidelines before getting a community storm shelter.

Reduces Risk of Potential Loss

Oklahoma is quite vulnerable to destruction during tornadoes. A community storm shelter can reduce the risk of you or your loved ones losing their life or getting injured.

IBC 2015 has emphasized installing community shelters in high-risk buildings. It keeps the residents safe and reduces the number of patients at a hospital after a natural disaster.


  • Don’t forget to keep the disabled fellows in mind before designing a community shelter. Make sure it’s accessible for them too.
  • Keep a first aid kit and other essential supplies like food, water, and warm blankets.
  • You can choose between a steel or concrete shelter.
  • Analyze the risks of installing it underground or above ground, seek professional advice, and do it accordingly.
  • Don’t forget to watch out for the pets too!

If you’re looking for a community storm shelter in Oklahoma that meets the FEMA and ICC 500 guidelines, you can count on us.

Our designs have passed the Texas Tech Impact Test and are rated to withstand the force of an EF5 tornado.

We also provide safe rooms and underground bunkers. Contact us to get a free quote for a customized tornado shelter today.

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