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a girl calming her cat

How to Calm Your Pets During a Storm

Does your furry friend get scared and hide in a corner when they hear the noise of thunder?  That’s because pets feel more threatened by the sight and sounds of a storm.

In a panic-stricken state, your pet might run off, pace around only to injure themself while trying to seek shelter. We understand how troublesome it can be during a storm to plan out your evacuation and calm your pets at the same time.

Let’s take a look at how you can help your four-footed friends feel safe during the chaos!

a girl calming her cat

Keep your Pet Indoors

Keeping pets indoors will protect them from flying debris when a tornado hits. Make sure that they’re in a sheltered place.

If you have a dog, don’t forget to put a reflective lead and collar around their neck. Keep a regular check on the weather forecast and take them for a walk before the storm. Exercising will burn excessive energy and help them stay calm.

Stay Close to Them

Your pets will feel a lot safer being close to you rather than in a loud and noisy area.

However, they may become aggressive with you if they feel scared or threatened by their environment.

In this case, you need to offer them a safe and quiet hiding place. In case you need to evacuate for a tornado warning, keep a basket or secure carriers for them.

Block the Noise

The hearing ability of pets is a lot stronger than ours. Does your dog startle around as soon as there’s a tornado warning? That’s because they do not realize what a storm is and that it will pass eventually!

You can handle them in this situation by blocking the noise of the storm with TV or radio. Pets are familiar with the noise of television, and it will help them stay calm.

Keep them in a Safe Room

If you have an emergency evacuation plan and a tornado shelter at your home, don’t forget to take your pets along. To help them stay calm through the chaos of a tornado, take their food supplies and toys as well along with your first aid kit.

Learn the Desensitization Techniques

Learning these techniques will help you effectively deal with your pets to overcome their storm phobia. You can desensitize your pet by exposing it to a certain intensity of noise that doesn’t frighten them!

Pairing the noise with a pleasant treat will help them overcome the fear of high-pitched noises. This will help them stay calm during storms.

a scared puppy

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