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How to Cope With Tornado-Anxiety?

Do you find yourself constantly fearing an impending tornado? We completely understand your situation.

The frequent tornadoes in Oklahoma have affected the mental health of many citizens. Lilapsophobia is the fear of tornadoes and hurricanes, and that’s what you might be going through.

Let’s take a look at some methods that may help you deal with emotional distress.

man feeling scared 

Practice Catharsis

You’ll find that you feel better by talking about your fears and stress-inducing situations with your friends and family. Accept the support they offer you, and do not bottle up the feelings inside. It will help you get through the situation and allow others to extend the love and support you deserve.

By expressing your fears and receiving reassurance from others, you can feel strong enough to get through the storm and face the situation.

Take Safety Precautions

We understand that it can be overwhelming for you to take the safety measures while struggling with tornado anxiety at the same time. But on the brighter side, having a sense of safety might make you feel confident and help you get rid of the constant fearful thoughts.

Invest in a safe room, underground garage shelter, and steel shelters in Oklahoma to ensure protection and prepare an emergency evacuation plan for your family.

Consult a Professional

If you live in Oklahoma, tornadoes aren’t once in a lifetime experience. They’re sadly something that frequently occurs throughout the year.

If you’re still unable to get rid of the anxious thoughts, you should consult a professional. That may help you overcome the traumatic experience because f you don’t deal with the issue at the right time, it may turn into something much worse, like PTSD.

Avoid Listening to the News

Being overly exposed to the news regarding tornadoes can be a trigger as well. Sure, it’s important to stay updated with the weather news. You can download a weather app and look for notifications. But at the same time, don’t spend too much time reading about it or listening to the news.

To avoid doing that, try indulging yourself in a hobby or practice some new skills.

Make Meditation a Part of Your Routine

Do you feel that your overall productivity is declining due to the overwhelming thoughts? Meditation can do wonders.

Simply taking out a few minutes every day and practicing mindful breathing can be really helpful. It can reduce stress levels and add to your emotional well-being. You’ll also feel your attention spans getting better once you start meditating regularly.

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It can be pretty overwhelming to deal with the emotional distress of tornadoes. However, taking the necessary precautions can help you feel safe.


If you’re looking for safe rooms and tornado storm shelters in Oklahoma, we’re here at your service. The tornado storm shelters can keep you and your families safe during deadly storms.


To order a storm shelter, contact us today!

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