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Tornado Safety: Everything You Need to Know

The United States is the world’s most vulnerable country in terms of tornado occurrences. The country has averaged around 1253 tornadoes every year since 1995, with 1376 reported in 2021 alone. While almost all regions of the country suffer from wild tornadoes, certain regions are more vulnerable than the others, like Texas or Oklahoma. In these areas, it’s deemed mandatory to possess community shelters or storm shelters for tornado safety.

Tornado Safety Tips

Following are some of the best practices to ensure you and your loved ones’ safety during a tornado:

Choose a Safe Spot

Choosing a safe space and waiting for the storm to pass through may be the best practice for safety during a tornado. This safe spot must be spacious to accommodate you, your family, your furry friends, and the valuable things you’re trying to protect.

If you live in a building, the safest spot would generally be the lowest floor of that particular building. If you live in a house, your basement is the most protected space during a tornado.

Close Windows and Doors

It’s a very common myth to leave the doors and windows open during a tornado to prevent pressure buildup inside the room. We assure you that this technique is bogus and may cause a lot of property or personal damage.

Also, make sure the doors and windows are tightly shut. Avoid taking refuge in a room with windows as the pressure winds from the tornado may blast through them. This process must be carried out during the Tornado Watch and must not be delayed until the tornado warning.

Avoid Mobile Homes

It can be dangerous to reside in your mobile home during a tornado impact. These homes don’t have reliable support and can be at the mercy of strong winds if the tornado has a high impact. You must always abandon your mobile home and seek refuge in a community shelter or a concrete building nearby.

Stay in a Storm Safe Shelter

Storm shelters are specially designed rooms that can withstand high-speed winds. They’re also incredible choices against heavy rainfall or to stay protected from debris. Underground bunkers are placed beneath the ground, which adds to their strong defense against tornadoes.

Storm shelters are also important to keep your valuables protected and away from danger. Modern shelters have an installed water purifier and air conditioners to keep your family cozy for extended periods.

Things You Need for Tornado Safety

Tornadoes and their effects before and after the impact can last for several hours. You must stay in until the weather has settled down. For this, you’ll need a few things to carry along with you in your shelter:

  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Portable Battery Chargers
  • Important Electronic Devices
  • Multi-purpose tools
  • Some light snacks
  • Water
  • Pillows and blankets
  • Some board games

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Make sure you keep all these to get through the tornado safely. If you need further help, get our storm shelter expert in OKC for a free consultation.

At Oklahoma Shelters, we’re a team of experienced individuals with years of experience manufacturing and installing storm safe shelters in OKC. Our offerings include concrete safe shelters, garage shelters, underground bunkers, and more.

Contact us and get your free consultation with an expert today!

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