Oklahoma Storm Shelter Prices for Shelters and Safe Rooms

Oklahoma Storm Shelter Prices and Safe Rooms start at the Prices listed below each shelter:


Call us for our Oklahoma Storm Shelter Prices. We have Underground Garage Shelters.  For Concrete Shelters have 2 options. A Slope Top shelter. And a Flat Top shelter.  We also have Steel Safe Rooms. Each of these will protect you and your family. From the Oklahoma Storms and Tornadoes.  At Oklahoma Shelters we have been the leader for shelters. We use state of the art Storm Shelters. And Safe Rooms for protection against Tornadoes.

All of our Storm Shelters. And Safe Rooms meet and exceed FEMA standards.

Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma. It is the largest city in Oklahoma. OKC is the 27th in city in US population. The population grew in 2010. In 2013 the Oklahoma City metropolitan area had a 1,319,677 residents. Oklahoma City is the eighth largest city in the US.

May has has the most tornadoes.  This next month is April. June is the next month. Most of the tornadoes in Oklahoma are in these few months. Tornadoes start earlier each year in Oklahoma. April has the most.

Oklahoma Storm Shelter Prices

In Oklahoma tornadoes happen a lot.  May 3, 1999 was real bad.  There were over 70 Tornadoes. This was in a 21 hour period.  The Tornado went through Oklahoma City.

One of the tornadoes that happened. Was the largest that was ever recorded in the USA.  It went through some of the same areas. That were hit on Monday. The winds were as high as 318 mph.  This was the highest winds speed that was ever recorded.

At Oklahoma Shelters we can protect you against Tornadoes.  We have Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms. Call us for a free consultation and prices at 405-367-7901.

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