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Tornado Watch vs. Tornado Warning: What You Need to Know

Tornadoes are some of the most devastating natural disasters. These trails of strong winds have the strength to obliterate anything in its path. While the tornado threat is severe in the three months around spring, it can occur at any time of the year. Your best options to protect yourself and your property are understanding the tell-tale signs and realizing the importance of different public alerts for timely refuge in your storm safe shelters.

Types of Tornado Alerts

Typically there are two types of tornado alerts that are often confused. Understanding the distinct use of the two alerts can help you prepare better before the natural calamity hits. These two alerts are called Tornado Watch and Tornado Warning, which are often occurring in this order.

Tornado Watch – what is it?

The weather forecasting authorities notice certain patterns in the atmosphere before predicting the weather for a particular period. This means that while the change in terrain may indicate a certain weather condition, the occurrence isn’t guaranteed.

Tornado Watch is the first official warning published by the authorities that indicates that there might be a tornado building on the horizon. However, the impact isn’t certain. This basic warning is published as an early warning to brace for a potential tornado and prepare your tornado safe shelters.

Tornado Watch – What to do?

Following are some of the things you should do as soon as you receive a tornado watch alert in your area:

  • Make sure your electronics are well charged. It’s a bonus if you have a portable charging bank that can last for extended periods.
  • Make sure you stay connected with the news and get frequent weather updates.
  • Ensure all your family members are nearby and no one’s gone out of the property.
  • Bring in any loose equipment outside the house that the tornado may carry away.
  • Check your emergency supply kit is ready if the storm hits. This kit will contain important resources to help your stay in safe rooms during the tornado.
  • Look out for a tornado warning

Tornado Warning – what is it?

Tornado Warning is when the tornado has been sighted in its full swing and is headed your way. If you’re beginning your preparations after a tornado warning, you’re already at risk.

A tornado warning contains all the details about the location of the tornado, its potential path, and the early impact. This warning requires you to take immediate actions to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Tornado Warning – what to do?

Following are the things to do after a tornado warning alert:

  • Guide your loved ones to your tornado safe shelters or community shelter and stay inside until the tornado has passed
  • If you’re on the road, park your vehicle at a safe spot and find refuge in the basement of a building.

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