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Top 5 Safety Benefits of Tornado Shelters

The United States is considered a hotspot for tornadoes. The risks of encountering a devastating natural disaster amplify if you live near the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountain, the Midwest, etc. Oklahoma is known for several devastating tornadoes in the past, including the last E5 tornado that struck Moore and Oklahoma City in 2013. This is why the state government has deemed it essential to build storm safe shelters for the most vulnerable areas across the state.

Why Install Storm Shelters?

There are several benefits of a quality tornado shelter. The word ‘quality’ here is essential as many companies may offer sub-standard safe rooms that don’t comply with the safety standards set by the authorities, that is, an ICC 500 standard material.

This is why the state authorities accredit some suppliers to carry out the task of storm shelter manufacturing, installing, and maintaining. Oklahoma Shelters is one of those companies that constantly meet and exceed the FEMA standards for storm safety. We also offer a ten-year warranty on all our products to ensure your long-lasting safety investment.

Tornado Shelters – The Benefits

These shelters are incredible resources for your and your loved ones’ safety. Following are some of the benefits for storm safe shelters:

Easy to Access

Storm shelters are built in spaces within your property. Some people acquire garage shelters to stay within the premises of their property even when the tornado hits with its full impact. These tornadoes move with speeds of up to 30 mph, often making it impossible for people to reach shelters quickly.

But with a safe room built right next to your property, you can easily and conveniently move in and out with convenience whenever you like.

Durability and Reliability

The storm shelters are built with quality materials, making them sturdy and reliable for extended periods. Storm safe rooms may be built using concrete or steel with different styles like slope-top or an underground bunker. These options allow you to choose the safety room according to the normal weather conditions around your area.

Spacious Rooms

Your family must stay together through this tough time. Storm shelters are spacious rooms that can easily accommodate your family, pets, and valuables you want to protect.

The spacious nature of these rooms makes them comfortable for your entire family. They can even have their designated spots and rest while the tornadoes pass through.

Long-Term Investments

Tornado shelters are built with durable materials that can add several years to your investment. The above-ground shelter rooms can be carried away to your new location if you decide to switch places in the future.

No Maintenance Costs

Storm shelters need little to no maintenance. Their design doesn’t allow moisture to accumulate, resisting corrosion, moss, and other degenerating substances.

An opened slope top concrete bunker

Connect with us at Oklahoma Shelters and benefit from a ten-year warranty on all our products. We’re a state-accredited storm-safe shelter manufacturer who ensures quality and affordability in your storm shelter investment.

Order storm shelters from us whether you’re looking for a concrete safe room, underground cement shelter, or an underground steel bunker.

Want to learn more about our offerings? Get in touch with us today!

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