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An above-ground storm shelter made from steel

The Advantages Of Installing Above-Ground Storm Shelters

Are you hoping to upgrade your underground cement shelter? It might be worthwhile to consider above-ground storm shelters instead of underground bunkers and safe rooms, but you should always consult a specialist before making the final decision.

Here’s why we recommend above-ground storm shelters to residents of Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Edmond, and other areas.

1. Faster Installation

Above-ground storm shelters are considerably quick to install when compared with underground storm shelters or bunkers. That’s because the preparation time for underground safe rooms is significantly longer, as the ground has to be dug up, and a foundation for the shelter needs to be laid.

2. Movable

Because they aren’t installed underground, moving an above-ground storm shelter from one area to another is also relatively easier. Since getting a storm shelter can be expensive, we recommend that you invest in an above-ground safe room if you want the option to move away from your current place of residence.

3. Easier To Locate

If you’ve been sitting in an underground storm shelter to ride out a hurricane or tornado, it might take a while for the authorities to find you. But an above-ground storm shelter can be seen for miles out, making it easier to locate, which is particularly useful when trying to get out of an unsafe situation.

Two above-ground storm shelters made of steel.

4. Resist Flooding

Unlike underground shelters, above-ground safe rooms aren’t at risk of flooding in the same ways. This means that above-ground storm shelters do not require the same kind of flood-proofing, meaning that you might save some money with the above-ground shelter.

5. Wheelchair Accessibility

Finally, it’s significantly easier for people with disabilities to enter an above-ground storm shelters as opposed to an underground one. For people on wheelchairs and walkers, this is good news because now you don’t have to struggle going down a flight of stairs and instead can secure yourself inside the shelter a lot faster.

Need a professional’s opinion on what sort of storm shelter will suit you and your family the best? Schedule a consultation with our safe rooms oklahoma technicians, who’ll visit your property to examine the space and suggest possible solutions.

Our safe rooms come in steel and concrete, so give us a call if you have any questions about either.



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