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An underground garage storm shelter with its door closed

3 Advantages Of Getting A Garage Storm Shelter

Do you have a garage with your home in Norman? If so, you might want to consider installing your new storm shelter there instead of having it set up right outside your house. Garage storm shelters are perhaps the quickest way you and your family can get to safety if a storm warning goes off.

Garage shelters, if installed properly, can also withstand tornadoes as deadly as those classified as EF5. Here are some advantages of installing a garage storm shelter on your property.

Quick To Access

Having a storm shelter on your property makes it much faster to get to safety. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of having your garage storm shelter, along with being an efficient way to utilize space in your home.

We offer several garage shelters for sale in Norman and Oklahoma City, quotes for which are provided completely free of cost. Learn more about our garage shelters and their specifications before making your decision.


Every home deserves a shelter built to keep their needs in mind. If there’s anyone in your family who uses a wheelchair, your garage storm shelter must be wheelchair-friendly. Similarly, grandparents who may struggle going up and down the stairs may require support from a staircase’s guardrail.

There are several ways to customize your garage storm shelter. We first conduct an assessment of your property and collect information about each family member to see what they’ll need to access the safe room. Then, we will share a final plan with you for approval before beginning the installation.

A garage storm shelter is being installed on someone’s property

Increase In Property Value

Homes in Norman and Oklahoma City require safe rooms and storm shelters, given how frequent tornadoes and hurricanes are in the South. Therefore, if you install a new garage shelter in your home, your property value will go up as people in the area will need a safe room.

By picking Oklahoma Shelters for your garage storm shelter installation, you can ensure that your shelter will adhere to FEMA’s guidelines as well as surpass the Texas Tech Impact Test.

Would you like a free quote on how much a garage storm shelter installation will cost? All you need to do is to give us a call at 405-367-7901, and our experts will schedule a visit to your property to give you the best approximation possible.

You can also get a concrete storm shelter or an underground bunker installed onto your properties in Norman and Oklahoma City. Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page.

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