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A 4x6 steel safe room painted white

What Specifications Should My Steel Safe Room Have?

Safe rooms are common across South America, given how often it is ravaged by natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. That’s why your Oklahoman home needs a reliable storm shelter since it sees storms almost all year round.

So if you plan on getting a steel safe room for your property, go through this blog to learn which features it should have for the safety of your family.

1. Accessibility

One of the major features your steel safe room should have is easy access for all your family members. This means that you might need your safe room to also be disability-friendly, meaning that people on wheelchairs can also access it as needed.

A good steel room would have a ramp that allows wheelchairs to go inside or a staircase if the shelter is installed underground. Lastly, your storm shelter should also be installed in an area of your home that everyone can reach quickly when a disaster warning is given by the authorities.

2. Security

Some necessary features that we think a steel safe room should have include deadbolts on the door, which should be secured with strong anchor bolts. The bolts that we use for our shelters are incredibly strong, with each one offering 10,000 lbs.

The entire structure of the storm shelter should be encased in steel, with the door at the thickest for maximum protection. We also ensure that all our shelters are deemed safe by authorities and pass the Texas Tech Impact Test.

3. Ventilation And Storage

Every storm shelter or safe room requires a fully functional ventilation system to keep everyone safe during a storm. That’s why our shelters have two large vents so that everyone can ride out the storm safely.

It’s also important for your safe room to have ample storage space where you can keep necessities, i.e., food, medical supplies, emergency radio, etc.

A steel safe room with a staircase installed in the ground

Does your storm shelter need an upgrade for the upcoming seasons? Our steel safe rooms are fully compliant with FEMA’s standards, offering protection even against EF5 tornadoes. We also install underground garage shelters, concrete storm shelters, and underground bunkers for residents of Oklahoma City and nearby areas.

Call 405-367-7901 to speak with an expert on setting up a safe room on your property. If you have queries regarding our installation process, you can also send them to sales@sm.dev-version.com.

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