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a tornado storm in the US

Storm Readiness Tips for Homeowners in Norman City

If you’ve ever seen a tornado or a storm, you’ll know it is nothing you should stay far away from. On this note, Oklahoma Shelters wants you and your family to stay safe and vigilant by having a concrete storm shelter installed.

Read these storm readiness tips if you live in Norman City:

Know Where to Take Shelter

Don’t wait until a storm warning has been issued to take action. Prepare to flee to a secure location. Assuming you don’t own a tornado bunker outside your property, designate a safe space in your house to serve as your refuge. This must be the deepest location in your house. Remain as far back from any risky partitions or doors as possible.

When you don’t possess a secure spot to wait out the weather, find out where emergency bunkers are located in your region ahead of time. Additionally, think about installing one on your property.

a tornado storm in the US

Keep a Tornado Emergency Kit

You should be prepared to act swiftly once a tornado warning is issued. Always keep a tornado emergency kit. So, whenever there’s a possibility that a tornado is about to hit your city, you can grab that kit that you prepared.

Your kit should be filled with supplies like:

  • Back-up battery for smartphones
  • Battery-powered radio
  • Cash
  • Dust masks
  • Extra batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Matches
  • Non-perishable meals
  • Pet food with water
  • Plastic bags, hand sanitizer and moist towelettes for cleaning
  • Spare set of keys
  • Whistle to call for help

Protect Your Home

With some preventative upkeep, you can minimize the destruction of your house and belongings. Remove any trash and cut any loose twigs that the storm may blow about. Garage gates, in particular, should be fortified. Before the tornado hits, try putting storm shields to protect your glass windows.

If you’ve got a firewood stockpile in your backyard, get rid of it before a storm hits. Those strong gusts might blow those logs all across your property and into your windows. Pull in any unsecured things that may become projectiles in a strong wind, such as outdoor chairs, pots, garbage cans, or lawn sculptures.

Supercell thunderstorm over the Texas Panhandle.

Storm Safe Shelters by Oklahoma Shelters

Once the F5 tornado comes roaring, the very last place you wish to stay is inside a bunker designed or constructed by the cheapest contractor. You wouldn’t want to squander money, either. So how can you make certain you’re receiving the most worth for money?  You can contact Oklahoma Shelters right away. We provide in-ground storm shelter, concrete storm shelter, and garage storm shelters in Oklahoma, Norman City, and nearby areas.

Contact us for a free consultation before the tornado season arrives.

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