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lightning and tornado hitting the village

3 Benefits of Installing a Tornado Safe Room in Your Home in Oklahoma

If you reside inside a tornado-prone state—such as Oklahoma or Missouri—a storm shelter room should be installed in your residence. The U.S has the most tornadoes globally, having an estimate of around 1,000 each year. That’s why, whenever tornadoes or storms hit, many Americans prefer investing money in home storm bunkers to ensure their family are safe.

These are the advantages of installing a secure storm bunker in your house.

lightning and tornado hitting the village

1. Following A Tornado, A Private Tornado Bunker Offers Ease Of Accessibility

Tornadoes are exceptionally fast-moving storms. Tornadoes move at a pace of Ten to Twenty miles an hour on typical. Although the American Weather Service publishes tornado warnings to assist people in bracing for a storm, they have no way of knowing how quickly a storm would move. Because there aren’t always warnings to assist you in planning ahead of time, you’ll need to be ready to leave swiftly and reach a storm safe room as soon as possible.

When you depend on local tornado bunkers, you could get trapped inside the storm during your trip to the bunker. On the other hand, you and your family can reach a storm bunker in your house quickly enough to escape getting trapped in a fast-moving massive storm. When tornadoes strike, you won’t have to stress over your household’s safety since you’ll know they’ll stay protected.

2. Your Storm Safe Room Can Hold All Individuals Of Your Family

Residential storm shelters are available in a variety of sizes. This allows customers to select a storm shelter that is large enough to accommodate their entire family. As a result, you plus your kids can escape cramming into overcrowded public shelters during a tornado or hurricane.

3. A Storm Shelter Space Can Keep You Protected From Thieves

Tornadoes and thunderstorms aren’t the only things that can endanger you. Crooks may occasionally cause more devastation than a thunderstorm. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a burglary occurs every minute in the United States. You may immediately flee to your storm shelter if thieves target your house. Tempered iron and cement are used to construct emergency shelters, rendering it hard for anyone to burst through. Installing a storm bunker in your house will safeguard you both from thunderstorms and tornadoes but additionally against home invasions.

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