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a tornado storm on a road

Facts About an Above-Ground Storm Shelter

The 1,000+ storms which strike each year result in an estimate of 80 fatalities. Yet 36% of people in the United States have no disaster preparation strategies in place.

We can keep you and your loved ones secure from the ravages of the storm. The following are four considerations to keep in mind concerning above-ground tornado shelters:

a tornado storm on a road

1. Tornado Shelters Above Ground Can Bear Heavy Load

The most dangerous aspects of storms, particularly tornadoes, involve whirling debris. If built as per FEMA specifications, an above-ground tornado bunker can easily tolerate any 3,000-pound vehicle.

The automobile might effortlessly crush any underground safe room that isn’t according to FEMA standards. Whatever you do, be certain your tornado shelter meets FEMA’s requirements.

2. Visible Entrance

The openings to above-ground tornado shelters are well indicated. But in comparison, you must lift a gate from the floor and step inside to access underground hurricane bunkers. This is inconvenient if your region is experiencing extreme weather.

In the case of a tornado, the entry to your above-ground tornado shelter is much more apparent, even if it’s covered with wreckage and rubbish. Underground tornado shelter gates are quickly concealed by rubble and ignored by immediate rescue workers, isolating you.

3. Usable To Persons with Disability and Old Folks

For persons with physical limitations, an underground tornado bunker is extremely impractical. If you reside with differently-abled or senior citizens, an above-ground tornado shelter is the best option. Since you wouldn’t have to stress about slipping and harming yourself, the entry into an above-ground tornado shelter is much less distressing. If you do have physical limitations, this would be very important.

4. Flood Protection

An underground tornado shelter can be flooded with water if there is a massive flood and strong rainfall. In sudden floods, the subterranean tornado shelter might potentially spring out from the earth if it’s not placed properly. Above-ground tornado bunkers are designed to survive flooding and are constructed to endure such situations. They’ll also stick precisely wherever you put them.

An image showing the destruction caused by a tornado

Get Above Ground Shelters from Oklahoma Shelters

It must be your responsibility never to be caught off-guard by storms and tornadoes. Fulfill that responsibility with Oklahoma Shelters. Throughout the tornado-prone regions of Oklahoma and Norman City, we provide garage shelters, above ground storm shelters, tornado shelters, Community Shelter Norman, concrete tornado shelters, concrete storm shelters, and much more. Our shelters are in accordance with FEMA Guidelines as well.

Contact us today and get a free consultation for your home.

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