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Lightning strike during a thunderstorm

Some Interesting Facts About Storm Shelters

In 2019, 1,520 tornadoes were reported in the United States. Storm shelters are in high demand as a result. In ways you can’t comprehend, an above-ground storm shelter will keep you safe. According to statistics, the number of tornadoes documented in 20120 was 1,248. In 2019, there were 1,571 tornadoes, which was an increase from the previous year’s 1,126 tornadoes.

Let’s take a closer look at some interesting facts concerning above-ground storm shelters.

Lightning strike during a thunderstorm

1. Ability To Handle Weight

One of the most deadly aspects of tornadoes and storms is flying debris. If built according to FEMA regulations, an above-ground storm shelter might withstand a vehicle weighing roughly 3,000 pounds. In places prone to intense and sudden flooding, your above-ground storm shelter will withstand any of mother nature’s forces.

2. Accessible Entrance

In case of a storm, the entrance of an above the ground storm shelter is much more accessible than an underground bunker. It’s more visible, doesn’t accumulate debris on top of it, and there are no ladders or stairs involved, so kids, elderly and wheelchair-bound people, can get in without any difficulty.

3. Less likely to Flood

Another intriguing feature of above-ground storm shelters is that they are less likely to flood during strong rainstorms. Water can run down and pool at the base of below-ground units. While these shelters are airtight, this can still raise the risk of flooding if the water level rises too high. With above-ground shelters, this isn’t the case.

4. Easy to Install

In addition, an above-ground shelter is usually easier to set up on your land. This is because burying it in your yard does not necessitate substantial digging. Instead, your shelter can simply be placed on top of the ground. This feature also makes it easy to carry above-ground models if you decide to relocate.

Uprooted tree falling on a car due to a storm.

5. Ventilation

Storm shelters come with built-in ventilation systems. They allow the air to come in while keeping the debris out. Free entry and exit of air allow you to have sufficient oxygen supply, and you can spend as much time in the shelter as you like.

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