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A tornado in an open field.

How to Build an Underground Bunker in 8 Easy Steps

Tornadoes and hurricanes are quite common in many states in the US. It causes millions of dollars worth of damage every year. According to studies, tornadoes caused damage worth over 2.5 billion dollars in the United States in 2020. Along with financial damage, these tornadoes are a threat to human lives as well. If you live in an area where these tornadoes are common, you might be wondering how to build an underground shelter to stay safe.

Here are 8 simple steps through which you can build your underground bunker.

A tornado in an open field.

1. Obtain Permits

Getting permits according to your state’s requirements is necessary to ensure the safety of your family.

Before you start digging, consult an official so that you don’t break an underground water or sewerage line.

2. Select a Location

Choose a good location for your underground bunker. Make sure it’s not near a water body because it can flood and damage your bunker. Don’t dig between trees and vegetation; it will be tougher to dig in areas since they’ll have roots that’ll get in your way. Moreover, avoid any place that has utility lines running underground.

3. Make a Blueprint

Just like when building a house, after the location is finalized, measure the area your bunker will cover. Design the bunker thoroughly, according to your preference and requirement.

4. Pick Bunker Material

Choose the material you want your bunker to be made of. There are multiple options, like metal sheets, brick walls, and concrete walls. All of them have their pros and cons, so choose wisely.

5. Choose Your Digging Tools

Choosing the right tools for the excavation is very important. Digging with a shovel will take days, if not months, which is why a mini excavator should be your choice. It can fit in small, narrow areas like your backyard. A trencher can help you mark the parameters of your bunker.

Digging tools, a shovel and two type of rakes.

6. Essential Living Requirements

Make sure the bunker can sustain you and your family. Place a clean water source in it, ensure working drainage and waste removal system, adequate air ventilation, and backup electricity via a generator.

7. Reinforce your Shelter

Since it’s underground, the bunker you build will sustain a lot of weight from above. Make sure the foundations are laid properly so the bunker can sustain the weight. Concrete is best suited to make the foundation; metal beams can help as well.

8. Stock Up

After your bunker is ready, you need to stock it up for emergency use. There are several items you have to keep in there. Non-perishable canned foods, water, grains are some of the food items you need to store. Heaters, microwaves, and first aid kids are also important.

If you follow these 8 simple steps, building a bunker can be easy. If you’re not willing to go through all this hassle, Oklahoma Shelters is offering custom-built underground bunkers. These bunkers can be made according to your choice, and are ready to install. We also offer concrete storm shelters, underground garage shelters, and safe rooms.

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