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Tornado strike in farm

3 Things You Should Know to Survive Tornados in Texas

Tornado continues to sweep across Texas this year. This destructive force of nature can cause freak accidents can blow away a house and its occupants.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency, there is no such thing as guaranteed safety in a tornado. However, there are some steps you can follow to minimize the impact of a tornado and save your loved ones.

Tornado strike in farm

Know the signs

Tornadoes are unpredictable – an understatement of the year. Weather forecasting science is not perfect, and sometimes tornado strikes without warning. The only way to protect you and your family is to stay alert to the changes in the sky and wind pressure. Here are the signs you should look for when a tornado is approaching:

  1. Pitch black sky and eerie silence.
  2. Debris swirling in the air and loud roaring sounds of wind.
  3. Followed by heavy rain and an intense shift in the wind.
  4. Blue-green to white flashes and lightning in clouds.

It’s good to have a plan

Practice tornado drill and safety tips with you family once a year. This way, your family and children will know where to take shelter in a matter of seconds. School administrators and community shelters should have a tornado safety plan in place, as well.

Once the tornado is warning is issued, make sure to check for these supplies:

  • A handy TV or radio. Keep tuned to the local radio stations or NOAA weather stations to stay alert.
  • Emergency kit including non-perishable food and medical supplies.
  • Flashlight to look around the house once the tornado has passed.
  • Dust masks to avoid inhaling fine debris.

Broken window with shards of glass.

Where to take shelter

Concrete storm shelters are the best places to hide away from a tornado. However, if you do not have a safe room installed, take shelter in rooms without a window, like the basement. If you are living in an apartment or dorm, then take refuge in closets or bathrooms. Avoid taking shelter in mobile homes. If you are in car, do not try to outrun the tornado; you can’t. Instead, take shelter in the nearest building.

Once you have taken shelter in a sturdy place, cover yourself with a blanket or mattress; to prevent yourself from potential debris.

Do not open the windows

An old belief is to open the windows to equalize the pressure. Do not believe that myth. Once you open the window, the tornado will blast you away. It will cause more danger than the tornado itself.

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