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A slope-top concrete storm shelter

Is It Important To Hire A Professional For Concrete Storm Shelter Installation?

Like many Americans, you might be tempted to attempt a DIY safe room or storm shelter installation in your home. But there are several reasons why that’s a bad idea, most of which have to do with your safety and that of your family in times of natural disasters.

This blog talks about why hiring an expert is necessary for your concrete storm shelter installation and where you can find reliable storm shelter experts in Norman and Oklahoma City.

1. Structural Integrity

For your storm shelter to withstand dangerous storms, it must have a sound structure. Hiring a professional for your concrete storm shelter installation will prove more beneficial as they’ll look into whether the walls, ceiling and floor can hold you and your family during a tornado or hurricane.

Our concrete storm shelters are incredibly strong and come with a 10-year warranty on leaks and corrosion. We’ll also do an inspection after the installation to ensure the structural integrity of your safe room.

2. Ventilation

Your storm shelter also requires a proper ventilation system to keep oxygen flowing in and out. Depending on whether your storm shelter is above-ground or underground, a storm shelter expert will ensure that your safe room receives ample fresh air for you and your family to safely ride out the storm.

Our experts can also support you in applying for your storm shelter permit so that you don’t miss any important documentation.

3. Security

Perhaps the most important reason you should hire a professional for your concrete storm shelter installation is to make sure that your shelter is fully secure. Some features that we add to our storm shelters for protection include steel doors with gas hinges and deadbolts, thick walls supported with a rebar cage, and have them pass the Texas Tech Impact Test, among several others.

A slope-top concrete storm shelter installed in a backyard with its door wide open

It’s quite important to get your storm shelter examined to see if it adheres to FEMA’s safety standards and guidelines. To find steel safe rooms, concrete storm shelters, and underground bunkers for your properties in Oklahoma City and Norman, give us a call.

All our concrete storm shelter installations come with a 10-year warranty against any kind of corrosion and leakages. We offer free shelter quotes to our clients after conducting a preliminary assessment of their property. For more information on our installation processes, you may scroll through our FAQ page.

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