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Flat Top Vs. Slope Top: Which Type Of Shelter Works Best For You?

Storm shelters are necessary additions to homes across South America. If you’re a resident of Oklahoma City or Norman, your home should have a safe room installed to ensure your safety during a natural disaster.

So if you’re looking for the right shelter for your home, you should know that common varieties in safe rooms include flat-top vs slope-top shelters, both of which offer general benefits and advantages specific to their shapes. Read on to learn which of the two works better for you.

Flat Top Shelters

These shelters are typically installed in the ground, which means they can go either outside your home or in your garage, depending on how much space you’ve got. Because their tops are flat, they don’t obstruct anything, which is why you can install them in your garage and park your car on top.

Both our flat-top vs slope-top shelters come equipped with several useful features. These include gas hinges on a steel door, with pre-cast concrete and strengthened with mesh and rebar. For more information on our storm shelters, read through our FAQ page.

Slope Top Shelters

In several ways, flat-top vs slope-top shelters are almost identical in design and specifications. However, some differences might be relevant to some of you. The sloping top allows rainwater, snow, and other debris to slide right off the shelter’s top, as opposed to flat-top shelters.

The slope also makes it easier to spot the shelter from a distance, which would not be possible with a flat-top shelter in most cases. Our flat-top vs slope-top shelters offer 10 years’ worth of protection against leaks and corrosion and come with wind turbines to ensure ventilation. Finally, either of these storm shelters can be made to accommodate anywhere between 5 to 23 people.

A concrete flat-top shelter installed into the ground with its door closed

Storm Shelters In Norman And Oklahoma City

Whether you opt for a flat-top vs slope-top shelter, all our storm shelters have been vigorously tested to withstand an EF5 tornado while exceeding the safety protocols highlighted by FEMA. To learn more about the features that come installed into our storm shelters, call us at 405-367-7901 anytime between 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

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