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A storm building up around a property

How to Protect Your Belongings During a Tornado?

If you live in Oklahoma, you’re often faced with the threat of a tornado, particularly in the spring season. Oklahoma is part of the Tornado Alley stretching between tornado hotspots of South Dakota and Texas. For this reason, there are several areas across the state where homeowners are instructed to build a storm safe shelter in their homes for protection.

A storm building up around a property

What Damage Can A Tornado Cause?

Tornadoes consist of high-speed winds rotating at 250 miles an hour. These strong winds create a dominant pull that can destroy anything in its path. Strong tornadoes can destroy buildings, uproot trees, and ruin vehicles. Also, erratic winds carry heavy objects with them, which can severely damage your property.

So, when faced with such an overpowering natural disaster, what can you do to protect your precious belongings? We’ve listed below some crucial ways that you can utilize to keep your things safe until the storm passes away.

Protect Your Belongings in a Tornado

Building Structure

While building your dream house in a tornado-stricken area like Oklahoma, you can ensure certain features in your building structure to fight off the tornado threat.

Single-layer sheets for home roofs are never a good idea if your house encounters tornadoes frequently. These roofs are easy to peel away for strong winds. Instead, you need to install individual roofs that are sturdier and hold their positions better in high-pressure winds.

Build Underground

The ground surface offers an incredible resistance against strong winds. If you’re looking to build storage for your valuables, make the decision to go underground. Underground bunkers are safe spaces that can be optimized to ideal storage conditions. Underground cement shelters are made of high-quality materials that offer resistance against thunderstorms and rainfall.

Store Away From Property

Storing your valuables in your property is a high-risk move. If you’re struck by a natural calamity and lose or evacuate your home in the process, there’s no chance for you to retrieve them.

So, it’s safer to store your belongings at a safe spot away from the property. This safe spot can be a storm safe room or even a ground level room of a tall building which is generally safer during a tornado.

Keep Access to Vital Documents

There are several situations when you might have to evacuate in a rush. This is why it’s essential always to keep the important documents close at hand.

Install Garage Shelters

If you’re looking to stay protected without leaving your house, then build a garage storm shelter. These shelters are built underneath your home garage and are capable of keeping you, your family, and your precious belongings safe until the storm has passed.

A concrete safe room above the ground

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