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A large black tornado building up at the end of a highway

Which American States Have the Most Tornadoes in a Year?

Tornadoes are among the most destructive natural events caused by the earth’s natural processes. The degree of impact of these tornadoes varies from one place to another. America sees these natural calamities at a high frequency annually, reporting over 1000 tornadoes every year. However, the death ratio across the country is low as most Americans take refuge in storm safe shelters during this natural disaster.

A large black tornado building up at the end of a highway

What Causes a Tornado?

A tornado can be seen as a column of air descending from the sky to the ground as a violently-rotating thunderstorm. Its winds speed up to 250 miles an hour and can destroy any object in their trail.

Tornadoes are formed in unstable wind conditions with moist, warm, or cold weather fronts due to strong thunderstorms. Large amounts of precipitation and severe winds are also possible outcomes of such thunderstorms. Tornado hotspots are the most vulnerable during spring when the natural climate generates huge, persistent weather zones that encourage tornado formation.

Why America Gets So Many Tornadoes

Considering the blend of erratic weather conditions that trigger a tornado, the United States is a hotspot for tornado formation. The leading cause of tornadoes across Texas or Oklahoma is the Gulf of Mexico.

The Gulf witnesses constant warm air rising into the atmosphere. This air is carried to the Rocky Plains, colliding with the wind blowing towards the west. This collision of warm and cold air forms a vortex that develops massive thunderstorms.

Tornadoes in 2021

About 1,376 tornadoes were reported in 2021, with 103 fatalities across the country. The Mayfield, Kentucky tornado and the outbreak of December were the most devastating tornadoes of the year that caused havoc across the country, particularly for homeowners. According to reports, at least one in every ten homes across the country was affected by the 2021 climate changes.

The Most Tornado-Affected States

Texas takes the lead with the most tornado occurrences in a year, followed by Kansas. Oklahoma and Florida closely contest Kansas for averaging the most numbers of annual tornadoes.

Texas averages about 155 tornadoes every year due to the Rocky Mountains and the Gulf region. Kansas averages about 96 tornadoes every year.

Oklahoma also provides the ideal conditions for the warm air of the Gulf to interact with the cold west wind, resulting in a high number of tornadoes. Oklahoma sees about 66 tornadoes throughout the year.

Following is a list of ten states with the most tornado occurrences in a year:

  • Texas
  • Kansas
  • Oklahoma
  • Florida
  • Nebraska
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Missouri
  • Minnesota
  • Alabama

A huge thunderstorm impacting the ground

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