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The Aftermath of a Tornado: What to Do?

A tornado is a whirling, funnel-shaped air storm that extends from a thunderstorm and comes in contact with the ground. Tornadoes are one of the most dangerous storms. It has the potential to demolish a whole neighborhood and kill many people in a matter of seconds. People can be injured directly by a tornado, but they can also be injured after the storm when walking over debris or inside damaged structures. Tornadoes can strike fast and without warning.

Sometimes tornadoes are easily observable, while others are nearly invisible until dirt and wreckage are swept up or a swirl formed in the tornado. A tornado’s average forward speed is roughly 10–20 mph, but it can vary between 0 and 70 mph. When you encounter a tornado, it is recommended to take shelter instead of running away from it as it can change its pace and path anytime.

People are well-advised about what to do during a tornado, but what should they do after the tornado fades? Let’s find out.

Contact Your Family and Loved Ones

One of the first things you should do after the tornado has finished is to contact your friends and family and check if they are alright. It’s important to help others during such disasters, so if any of your relatives are affected during the tornado, reach out to them and help them get medical attention.

A highway scene with dark clouds

Draw Attention towards Yourself If You’re Impacted

If the tornado impacts you, draw attention towards yourself after it passes to get medical assistance. If someone besides you is heavily affected, you should immediately call an ambulance and medical services to help them. In case of minor injuries, wait for medical support to arrive.

Check If Your House and belongings Are Safe

Another important thing to do after the tornado has passed is to check for your residence if it is impacted during the storm. Check electrical appliances and other things if they’re working fine. Also, check on your neighbors during such times to ensure they are safe and secure. Check your storm shelter and safe rooms if they remained unaffected by the tornado.

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Get Ultimate Protection By Installing Oklahoma Shelter’s Safe Rooms

A tornado can pose a great threat to human life and damage the property with its sheer force. It is advised by the federal public assistance agencies to take shelter during a tornado and never try to run away from it. The best way to take protection during a tornado is to install a safe room in your house. It protects not only your family but also your valuables and belongings.

Oklahoma Shelters is offering top-quality storm shelters of different types to residents of Oklahoma. Our services include underground bunkers, underground garage shelters, and safe rooms.

Reach out to us to get a free storm shelter quote today.

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