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How to Apply For FEMA Grants to Buy a Storm Shelter

In 2019, the state of Oklahoma saw a record-breaking number of tornadoes. With 149 tornadoes, the need for citizens living in Tornado Alley to invest in storm shelters just became more apparent.

In Oklahoma, tornadoes are often unpredictable. The best thing to do is to be prepared for the worst. We must prepare ourselves, especially amidst the pandemic, as additional challenges such as social distancing now exist.

FEMA Funding for Storm Shelters

If you are an individual homeowner, you do not need to apply directly to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for funding.

Instead, FEMA provides Hazard Mitigation Assistance(HMA) funding to eligible states and territories; this funding is then provided to local governments, distributing it to increase effectiveness and reduce risk to the people and property.

Next, there are specific design requirements in place that your state hazard mitigation (SHMO) can inform you about, along with funding sources, eligibility, and process for applying for funding.

Why being proactive goes a long way

When it comes to tornadoes and storms, it’s better to pre-plan than to suffer losses and then work on reconstruction. FEMA also believes that mitigation planning is a necessary process, and it can save thousands of dollars.

Being proactive and mitigation planning is a better alternative to facing a disaster unprepared, dealing with reconstruction charges, and ultimately facing repeated damage as the next cyclone season rolls around.

The types of funding you can apply for

There are numerous types of funding that you can apply for through FEMA, namely:

  1. Residential funding: this funding is available for people who wish to construct a residential safe room. You can find out all additional details through your SHMO.
  2. Community Development Block Grant Funds: FEMA also provides communities funds to construct shelters in manufactured home parks. For details on the eligibility criteria, visit here.
  3. Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Funds: People can also use FEMA’s HMGP to construct residential and community shelters in areas prone to tornadoes. This can fund up to 75% of the eligible costs of each project.
  4. Pre-disaster Mitigation Program Funds: These funds facilitate both planning and project funding to eligible communities. FEMA funds up to 75% of the project’s cost, up to 90% in smaller, impoverished communities.
Destruction from a tornado can be seen in the background of the flag.

Storm Safe Shelters in Oklahoma City

Taking shelter from the storm before the storm hits is the key to getting through it. However, FEMA’s funding is generally nationally competitive, and projects are awarded based on the analysis of the state. In their research, ranking is done based on cost-effectiveness, percent of the population benefiting, etc.

At Oklahoma Shelters, we provide custom storm shelters designed to protect you and your family. Our products include concrete storm shelters, safe rooms, Underground bunkers, and underground garage shelters.

Our shelters exceed FEMA standards to ensure that your family remains safe in disaster situations. For more details, contact us today to help us keep you and your loved ones safe.

Storm Shelters

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Garage Shelter

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