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A concrete storm shelter in Norman

3 Storm Shelter Ideas to Keep You and Your Family Safe

Oklahoma City and Norman are well-known for consistently experiencing tornadoes. While mother nature has its moods, civilians can take steps to keep themselves and their families safe during such storms.

Let’s explore the best ideas for storm shelters.

1. Underground Garage Shelters

A high-quality garage shelter in Oklahoma City or Norman won’t float. The shelter will be secured to the slab using concrete and RE-BAR. These come in various sizes, with some easily fitting 6–8 people and others fitting up to 12 people.

For this kind of shelter, a slab is cut, and a hole is dug. The area above the shelter will need to be cleared off. The advantage of this design is that you can park your vehicle in the shelter and still access both. Additionally, suppose you get a warning for a tornado. With an underground garage shelter in Oklahoma City or Norman, you won’t have to go outside to get to your storm shelter.  

When you go to a reputable storm shelter expert in Oklahoma City or Norman, they’ll have tested the shelter already using the Texas Tech Impact Test and ensured it exceeds ICC-500 and FEMA 320 guidelines.

A concrete storm shelter in Oklahoma

2. Concrete Storm Shelters

Concrete storm shelters are long-lasting and come with a warranty against corrosion and leaks that lasts up to an entire decade. Additionally, high-quality concrete storm shelters from a reputable manufacturer come with double handrails and a staircase. A gas-assisted hinge will make for a convenient opening when you want to get inside or leave your storm shelter.

3. Custom Safe Rooms

You can obtain a custom safe room or storm shelter in Norman and Oklahoma City. Both of these regions are known for being hit by tornadoes, so it’s natural that you’d want a custom-built storm shelter to meet your unique safety and design requirements.

Additionally, when you work with a high-quality storm shelter provider, they can install your custom safe room in less than an hour—it shouldn’t take more than 30 to 45 minutes.

At Oklahoma Shelters, we provide all the options above and more! We offer custom storm shelters crafted to keep you and your family secure during tornado season. Furthermore, we provide underground garage shelters, safe rooms, concrete storm shelters, and underground bunkers.

We ensure all of our shelters have passed the Texas Tech Impact Test for storm shelters and meet/exceed FEMA guidelines for tornado safe rooms.

To learn more, contact us now!

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