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5 Types of Storms and Their Causes

Storms are atmospheric disturbances that cause disturbances down on earth. They disrupt life as we know it and, depending upon the severity, cause significant damage and even loss of life.

Storms have many forms, and each form has its own set of precautions. When your news channel gives you a storm warning and asks you to take cover, it’s essential to know what type of storm it is to take due precautions.

Here we will discuss five major types of storms, their causes, and what we can do to stay safe.


Hailstorms occur when raindrops are carried upwards in thunderstorms by thunderstorm updrafts to icy areas of the atmosphere and are frozen.

There, this ice collides with other water drops, which freeze upon collision. This forms large balls of ice that fall to the ground when they become too heavy, or the updrafts weaken. This results in hailstorms as we know them.

In April 2021, a fierce hailstorm raged through Norman, Oklahoma, and surrounding areas. The hail was larger than 3 inches in diameter, with severe winds resulting in billion-dollar losses and property damage.

Hailstorms range in severity and how destructive they can be. To keep ourselves safe in a hailstorm, it is best to find shelters indoors and to remain away from windows or top floors as strong winds or hail can damage them.


Windstorms consist of strong winds, strong enough to cause damage to trees and buildings. They may consist of short bursts of high-speed winds or a continued period of strong winds. They vary in duration as well.

In windstorms, to protect ourselves, it is good to take refuge in a basement and stay away from windows and doors. In our homes, we can cover the furniture in case of flying dust. In the case of mobile homes, they must be evacuated as strong winds can sweep them away quickly.


When you see dark clouds looming over your town, strong winds approaching, it usually means a thunderstorm is on its way.

Thunderstorms come in various forms, and they vary in severity. They are characterized by thunder, lightning, and rainfall, and some thunderstorms can create tornadoes and cause floods. 

To protect yourself in a thunderstorm, stay indoors and put shutters on all the windows and doors to prevent broken glass, unplug electrical appliances, and make sure you have a stock of food at home. 

In severe thunderstorms, storm shelters are a sure way to keep yourself safe from any casualties.


Windstorms originating over tropical waters, when they reach 74 miles per hour, rotating counter-clockwise, become classified as hurricanes. Once a hurricane reaches land, it begins to lose strength as it becomes deprived of moisture from the ocean. 

However, as the whole nation saw in the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, most of the damage done is caused by flooding. 

Depending upon the severity, alerts are issued, and sometimes people are asked to evacuate to storm shelters and underground bunkers.


An upturned car and destruction and debris after a storm

Tornadoes are formed as a result of a severe thunderstorm. They are unpredictable, funnel-shaped columns of air rotating counter-clockwise, with narrow ends that touch the ground. They consist of flying debris and dust.

Depending upon stages and the severity level, alerts are issued to take shelter. 

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A tornado in Oklahoma in 2013 killed 24 people and left a trail of demolition and destruction. With great winds and unpredictable paths, tornadoes are likely to destroy everything in their wake.

This is why it is essential to pre-plan and prepare for them, especially if you live in storm-prone areas such as in the Tornado Alley. We at Oklahoma Shelters provide state-of-the-art storm shelters, including underground garage shelters, underground bunkers, concrete storm shelters, and safe rooms

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