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A tornado destroying a town

How Safe Are Safe Rooms?

A safe room is built or installed within a house that provides security and shelter from harsh weather calamities. A safe room also helps protect from robberies, home invasions, fires, or theft. However, many people wonder if safe rooms are safe and how they operate? Can a safe room withstand high-intensity tornadoes? Read on to learn how safe is safe rooms.

A tornado destroying a town

Safe Rooms are Attached to Foundations  

They provide maximum safety when built on concrete foundations on the ground. Building safe rooms on the ground make their foundation strong and allow enough airflow for survival.

Safe Rooms are Created with Reliable, Storm-Resistant Material  

Strong materials like steel, fiberglass, concrete, and plywood are used to make safe rooms. They are built according to the FEMA standards, which makes them reliable. Their features are created to complement each other. Safe rooms are thick so they can bear the strong force of tornadoes and hurricanes.

They Go Through Tough Impact Testing

Safe rooms are not just built, but they are also tested to check the level of safety and reliability they can provide. They go through impact testing and are only used after passing the testing process. For example, in Texas, they have to pass through Texas Test Impact Text. Moreover, The safe rooms must meet or exceed the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) guidelines to make sure impact quality is provided.

Underground concrete storm shelter

There are three types of tornado safe rooms to choose from:

Underground safe room: These safe rooms are built underground to provide safety from flying debris and harsh wind. This type of safe room should be made with reinforced material such as steel.

Pre-built safe room: This safe room looks like a reinforced box that has limited space and can be placed anywhere in the house.

In-Home safe room: These safe rooms are built inside the house, and they mostly have large spaces. They can also have small storage spaces and closets; these rooms have special doors.

At Oklahoma Shelters, we have a variety of reliable, safe rooms you can choose from. Our concrete storm shelters are built especially for severe weather calamities. If you do not know which safe room to choose from, we are here to help. Our shelter professionals can help you choose the right shelter room in Oklahoma. Call us to talk to our sales associate for any questions

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