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Tornado and lighting hitting a village

Importance of Building a Safe Room for Natural Disasters

Tornado winds travel at speeds of 250 to 300 mph, which can be very dangerous. These winds can destroy houses and buildings and send objects flying, turning them into projectiles capable of causing fatalities. Safe rooms can protect you from a tornado, but the houses in the direct path of tornadoes cannot prevent all the damage.

Having a shelter house in your house can help in providing almost absolute safety from natural disasters. Safe rooms can protect you and your family from injury or death caused by tornadoes. Schools, building owners, hospitals and building associations, and other institutes accountable for public safety should build community safe rooms for safety.

Tornado and lighting hitting a village

Why is a Safe Room Important?

Near-absolute safety means that the people taking shelter in safe rooms will have a high possibility of staying safe from injuries. The safe room needs to be built according to the guidelines and standards of FEMA. Having a safe room also helps to ease anxiety and reduces panic caused by the threat of approaching tornadoes. Safe rooms also provide self-insurance to people, they do not impact the annual possibility of a tornado hitting your region but they decrease the magnitude of damage and loss.

Safety During Dangerous Weather

Tornado shelters offer two main advantages: protecting people against injuries when tornadoes hit occupied spaces and peace of mind by knowing that you will be safe if the tornado hits the building. The main purpose of safe spaces is to protect people from harm and not save the building or the structure. People can save valuable, important documents, and keepsakes with them in the safe room, but they cannot save the property.

underground storm shelter in brown color

Additional Storage Capacity

Safe rooms can also serve as additional storage capacity for important things. When a natural disaster isn’t taking place, you can use the safe room for storing items throughout the year. People often add to their homes to accommodate more family members, with often exceeds the cost of building a safe room. Using a safe room as a common room during normal times can be wise.

If you live in an area where natural disasters such as tornadoes are common, you should consider installing a customized safe room. Oklahoma Shelters is among the leading businesses in reinforcement design; we provide shelter rooms and safe rooms of high quality. You can contact us or check out our website to learn to know about our various services.

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