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A tornado and thunder lightening up the sky.

Emergency Storm Drill: How To Protect Yourself During a Tornado

The blog on “The Deadliest Tornadoes That Have Hit Oklahoma” is enough to send chills down your spine. Never in your worst dreams do you want to imagine your loved ones becoming a number in the statistics of casualties. You hold your friends and family dearer than anything else and want to protect them at all costs. We understand that, and we hear you.

This is why we offer the safest storm shelter with our underground cement rooms that will keep you safe during a tornado in Oklahoma. They are designed to resist the harshest of tornadoes and meet FEMA requirements. They can accommodate up to 25 people and will not float with the force of the wind. Invest in our underground bunkers in steel or concrete and follow this emergency drill when you suspect a storm to hit.

Stay Informed

It’s good to go off the grid to detox for a while but if your area is prone to storms, make sure you don’t miss out on important news. If there’s a tornado in the prediction, prepare for it sooner than later. Move your family to a safe spot before the storm hits.

If there are persons with disabilities in the house, tend to their medical needs and move them to safety first. Make sure you keep a first-aid kit and emergency medicines such as inhalers at hand for them at all times.

Keep your phone charged and carry it at all times. Inform people in your contacts to seek shelter if you think they’re unaware of the situation.

A tornado and thunder lightening up the sky.

Leave All Belongings

The first and worst instinct for most people in emergencies is to gather their valuables and belongings. The wallet, credit cards, phone, etc., are to name a few. Call it a survival instinct that has evolved with modernity and made money more important than life but people worry about sustaining themselves and their families.

Storms may indeed turn your house into a huge pile of debris and take away everything. But if you play it smart and act quickly, you can save the most precious asset: your family. Forget all possessions and secure yourself and your family in a safe storm shelter.

Seek Shelter

This brings us to the next order in the storm drill. If you’re at home, head toward the basement or the lowest part of the house. If you have a storm shelter built in your home, you can bless your smart thinking and stay safe there. If you’re outdoors, head to the nearest shelter. If you’re in a car, buckle your seat belt and drive away from the storm as fast as you can.

But steer clear of bridges or overpasses as they might collapse under the magnitude of the tornado. Make sure the storm is far from you while you’re driving. If it’s at your heel, park in a safe spot because the debris might hit your windshield and cause an accident.

If you’ve witnessed a storm first-hand, you know how merciless it can be. Invest in your safety and future TODAY because time and tide wait for none. Call us at 405-367-7901 for a free quote on storm shelters in Oklahoma.

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