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A tornado about to hit Oklahoma.

The Deadliest Tornadoes That Have Hit Oklahoma

Oklahoma has a dreadful history of receiving some of nature’s deadliest tornados. These have taken many loved ones, destroyed homes, and snatched means of livelihood from people. This is why the residents take preventative measures seriously and invest in storm shelters and safe rooms in their homes in Oklahoma.

Let’s look at three of the most devastating storms that garnered media attention.

A tornado about to hit Oklahoma.

Woodward (1947)

The Woodward tornadic thunderstorm that hit Oklahoma on April 9, 1947 was one of the worst storms in history. This deadly tornado began in the Texas Panhandle and stretched all the way to St. Leo, KS, on the west of Wichita. It’s no easy feat to traverse three states in a go, but this storm sun multiplied in strength as it moved and covered a long track. The tornado was almost 1.8 miles wide and moved at a speed of 50 miles per hour.

After destroying Glazier and Higgins in Texas and causing 69 fatalities, the storm hit Oklahoma, devastating 60 farms and ranches. 8 people lost their lives, while 42 sustained injuries from the storm in the city. But this was only the start of the show; by the end, 116 people had fallen prey to the tornado in Oklahoma compared to 68 in Texas. It also left $1.5 million worth of damage in Texas and $8 million in Oklahoma in its wake.

Synder (1905)

This storm originated near Olustee and soon doubled into another tornado near El Dorado before crossing the Red River. Before it hit Synder, it raged along Otter Creek and gained speed before sweeping the town up in its grip. The tornado took anything and everything that came in its way, including houses, buildings, and land. Three fatalities were reported 6 miles south of Synder before the storm rolled into the town at 8:45 pm CST. Since then, that hour was lamented and feared by the residents of Oklahoma because of how deadly the tornado was.

Antlers (1945)

This storm was similar in magnitude to the one that was to occur in Woodward two years later. It ripped apart 379 homes, grazed 254 buildings to the ground, and left 1500 people homeless. It was about half a mile wide and swept all residencies and commercial buildings that came in its way. Not to mention, 69 people also lost their lives to this storm, with 353 fighting the battle of life and death in hospitals. April 12th, 1945 is forever etched in the history of Oklahoma and America both because of the tornado and the demise of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Are you worried about protecting your family should a storm hit Oklahoma again? It’s better to be prepared than to be sorry later because the loss will be irreparable. Call us at 405-367-7901 for a free quote on storm shelters.

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