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A palm tree swaying in the wind during a storm.

Storm Safekeeping: What To Keep In Your Storm Shelter?

Getting a storm shelter built underground in your home in Oklahoma is not all you need to do to prepare for a storm. You need to stock your shelter up with basic necessities. Here’s a list of things you’ll need.

Food and Water

You don’t know how long a storm will last. And even when it stops, the damage may halt your everyday functioning for days. The property demolition and broken roads may make it difficult to buy groceries for immediate consumption. That’s why you need to stock up on water and edibles before that happens.

Reserve a spot in the storm shelter as a make-shift pantry and store water, coffee, bread, jam, and other food items that don’t need to be refrigerated. If you have to move there in an emergency, you won’t have to worry about food.

A palm tree swaying in the wind during a storm.


It’s hard to predict when a tornado will hit Oklahoma, but they don’t discriminate between seasons. Even though the statistics prove that most tornadoes happen from March to June, there have been rare occurrences of storms in the winter months. You need to be prepared for the weather whenever the storm hits. Keep a wardrobe in your storm shelter which has sufficient winter and summer clothes to last a few days.


You never know how long you might have to stay in the storm shelter. It could be a few hours, overnight, or even a couple of days. You’ll need a place to rest when the initial paranoia settles. Keep a spare mattress and sheets in the shelter. If you have older people or babies with you, you’ll need specific arrangements for them.


This might be the last thing that occurs to you when there’s a storm in the weather forecast for the day. But always keep a stash of batteries, torch lights, and battery-operated lamps in the storm shelter. You don’t want to fend for things and people in the dark.

First Aid

This is crucial for people with special medical needs. They’ll need their medicines under all circumstances, so keep those on you.

Even though the storm shelter’s purpose is to protect you from harm during a storm, bear in mind that you might get late in reaching the cover and suffer some injuries during the delay. It’ll be nearly impossible to reach a hospital or even call a doctor at that time. Make sure you keep a medical first-aid kid at hand just in case you need to bandage a cut or treat an infection.

Now that you know all the above, prepare the safe room first. Invest in your safety and future TODAY because time and tide wait for none. Call us at 405-367-7901 for a free quote on underground cement rooms in Oklahoma.

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