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Deciding What Type of Storm Shelter Is Right for You: A Guide

For homeowners, making any major renovations, additions, or taking on remodeling projects requires a significant amount of deliberation. It’s more than a simple DIY project like repainting the garage door; when it comes to a major addition such as a storm shelter, you need to explore your options.

A storm shelter is a necessary addition to your home if you live in a region like Oklahoma, that is frequented by tornadoes of all kinds and of varying intensities. Since the devastating EF5 tornado that shook Moore in 2013, more homeowners are investing in storm safety rooms and underground bunkers to keep their families and homes safe.

Underground Bunker

If you’re considering the investment, here are a few tips to choosing the right kind of storm shelter for your home:

Decide on above or underground shelters

This largely depends on space and accessibility because some homes are not large enough to have shelters indoors. For older properties, the construction of underground and indoors can cause permanent damage to the foundation and walls, which is another risk.

Garage Shelter

There are several types of shelters, including underground bunkers, garage shelters, steel safe rooms Oklahoma that offer you similar protection, with certain variations. Consult our team to decide which option is better for you.

The longevity varies based on material

While each shelter is designed to last and withstand an immense impact and comes with a 10-year warranty against leaks and corrosion, there are certain benefits to each material.

Concrete shelters through incredibly secure can get brittle over time, while steel can rust even if it doesn’t lose strength. Learn more about this while consulting with our team, who can make recommendations based on the general climate and other conditions around your home.

Check for FEMA guidelines

FEMA provides a comprehensive list of criteria for the construction and installation of storm safe rooms, and at Oklahoma Shelters, we make sure to exceed those guidelines. Each of our rooms is engineered and installed to guarantee safety, performance, and longevity, going above and beyond industry standards.

Storm Shelter

The location of your shelter matters

Apart from deciding whether to place it above or below ground, it’s also crucial to find the right place to install your shelter. Some people choose to have them placed in closets, other backyards, while other homeowners place them underground in their garages. Our team carries out a thorough on-site inspection, providing detailed evaluations and recommendations.


Get in touch with us to get a free estimate and choose the right storm shelter. We also carry out installation personally, trusting only our skilled team to get the job done.

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