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Deadly tornado in Oklahoma

Choosing the Right Garage Storm Shelter for Maximum Protection

We wish buying a garage storm shelter was as easy as buying a garage door, but it really isn’t. You aren’t just choosing a garage door listed on a website and sending measurements—you’re buying something that can make the difference between life and death when the situation arrives.

You are, therefore, looking at everything from durability to longevity and from warranties to spaciousness.

Deadly tornado in Oklahoma

You are Looking For…

Before you seal the deal on your garage storm shelter, make sure it:

  • Has the right space and can accommodate your family with enough spare space
  • Is study and has undergone rigorous testing
  • Has an emergency hatch
  • Can sustain you and your family for long hours since storms never pass quickly
  • Is well-furnished and well-equipped so that you aren’t just locked up in a shack for hours
  • Is easy to get into—because you don’t want to spend precious minutes figuring out how to get into a shelter
  • Has a warranty
  • Is protected against rusting and corrosion; because you’re going to be needing this shelter for a long time to come

With the right selection criteria and a keen eye for detail, you will find the right garage shelter in no time at all. If you have questions, always reach out to the firm you are buying from and demand answers. This will also give you an idea of their customer support program—and if it’s any good.

Deadly tornado in Oklahoma

FEMA Standards

You’re looking for a garage storm shelter that adheres to the standards set by the Federal Emergency Management Agency—or FEMA. The state organization that specifically oversees damage incurred by disasters, FEMA compliance is a requisite for any shelter or bunker that you are looking at for tornado protection. Not only does FEMA compliance means you are safe in your shelter from natural disasters, but it also ensures you are safe from man-made catastrophes—such as terrorism.

You get, therefore, a double edge by opting for a garage shelter that is FEMA-compliant: you’re making arrangements for protection from not just one but multiple unsavory situations.

Looking for a Garage Storm Shelter in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma Shelters provides garage shelters OKC for people in Tulsa, Norman, Moore, Edmond, and Oklahoma City. You can get in touch with us and discuss what you want in your underground garage shelter, and we can custom-build it for you, fitted just for your needs.

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