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a tornado about to hit Oklahoma

Community Storm Shelters—What They Are and What You Should Bring with You

Are you thinking of getting a community shelter built in your Oklahoma City neighborhood before the spring? That’s a great idea because most of Oklahoma’s many tornadoes actually hit from April to June—and those months aren’t very far away.

So what are community shelters, and how can they help you?

a tornado about to hit Oklahoma

What are Community Shelters?

Community shelters are just shelters—but larger. They are spacious enough to accommodate a good number of people inside. These work best in offices, neighborhoods, and other places where you have a large number of people. While a regular number of people in a house can share a regular shelter, a large pool of people will require something like a community shelter.

When looking for a community shelter, make sure it is:

Rated for an EF5 tornado

Deadly tornado in Oklahoma

Accompanied by a 10-year warranty—one that protects it against corrosion, leaks, etc.

A shelter that has been tested for an EF5 tornado is sure to hold up against the severest and the longest-running tornadoes. You can be safe and secure inside for a long time without worrying about being transported to Oz.

What to Take Inside a Community Shelter

Remember that a community shelter isn’t located inside your house. It’s going to be at some distance from your house or your office, which means that you will have to take some things to keep with you until the storm passes. You should take only the most important and essential items with you, such as:

  • Medicine, especially a first aid kit if you have one
  • Food
  • Water
  • Communication devices
  • Extra clothes
  • Blankets

One of the best things to do, especially during stormy seasons, is to keep a bag of toiletries and medicine ready to grab and go in the event of a tornado.

How Community Shelters Help

Since they are spacious enough, they can house a great number of people all together at one time. Moreover, they are sturdy edifices that can protect you against falling debris and strong gusts of air. Lastly with the building of community shelters you are eliminating the need to build individual shelters. This saves you both time and space. Not only can you have one large shelter in place of several tiny ones—but you will also require less time and less money to build it.

Get a Community Shelter Built

If your community in Oklahoma is in need of a community shelter before spring time rolls around, get in touch with us at Oklahoma Shelters immediately. We can help you with the building and installation of a community shelter that has been tested for dangerous tornadoes.

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