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a tornado destroying a house in Oklahoma

Natural Disasters in Oklahoma—A Timeline

Oklahoma is the third-most disaster-prone state in the U.S.—and tornadoes particularly love visiting over and over again. Floods are pretty common, too, but tornadoes really take the cake. And that isn’t even scratching the tip of the iceberg.

The Snyder

As explosive as any Snyder film, the Snyder was a tornado that hit Oklahoma in 1905—and is, to this day, remembered as one of the worst disasters this state has ever seen. The Snyder wasn’t just known as one of the worst disasters in Oklahoma—but in the whole of America. The official death toll, after it was finally over, was 86—the unofficial death toll was 400.


a tornado about to hit Oklahoma

Antlers was a particularly devastating tornado that wrecked Oklahoma because it came in conjunction with a terrible flood in 1945. It killed 69 people and injured nearly 400 of them. It destroyed 379 home, more than 250 buildings, and turned 1500 people homeless by the time it was over.

The Woodward Tornadic Supercell Thunderstorm

Forget tornado. Forget super tornado. In 1947, our state was hit by something so menacing it’s called a tornadic supercell thunderstorm—and it was devastating. The storm started brewing in Texas and proceeded to give rise to 6 deadly tornadoes in its wake. It then ripped through Kansas and ended up killing 109 people after having a final showdown in Oklahoma.

The Peggs

In 1970, Oklahoma was savaged by another tornado—this time closer to home, in Tulsa. 50 people were killed, and as many as 150 injured. Reports told grave tales of the cyclone having “wiped out” Peggs.

Why Are There So Many Tornadoes in Oklahoma?

For the same reason as there are many tornadoes in Kansas and Texas—the answer lies in the geography. Tulsa is one of the towns that gets hit the most frequently by these herculean storms. Even National Geographic has wondered aloud why Oklahoma is so “tornado-vexed.”

Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma lie in what experts call the “Tornado Alley.” The region actually reaches all way to South Dakota. This is the region where cool air from regions such as Canada and hot air from places such as the Gulf of Mexico consummate frequently—and together they conceive these wailing twisters that threaten to leave nothing standing in their wake.

Protect Yourself Against the Next Big Oklahoma Storm

Since we have established that Oklahoma is not safe from the regular tornado, you need to arm yourself against the next storm that comes ravaging your way. Remember, your insurance only covers the damage done to your house—it does not cover your life. What will work in your favor and keep you safe is a storm safe rooms Oklahoma, which we at Oklahoma Shelters can provide. Get in touch with us to get one custom-made today.

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