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A concrete bunker in the yard

Are Underground Bunkers Safe for Tornadoes?

In February 2023, the residents of Oklahoma were a victim of harsh weather when a late storm system resulted in a breakout of tornadoes and storms all across Oklahoma. News reports show that 12 tornadoes happened in Oklahoma in February 2023, the highest recorded number of tornadoes happening in Oklahoma in February, a significant increase from 6 tornadoes occurring in February 1975 and 2009. Multiple people were injured during these tornadoes, emphasizing the importance of investing in in-ground storm shelters and other tornado-protection techniques for the residents of Oklahoma.

This blog discusses if staying in underground bunkers for tornadoes is a good option.

Made from Concrete and Steel

One of the biggest reasons why underground bunkers are a safe option for tornadoes is that these are usually manufactured using concrete and steel. Both of these materials are long-lasting and durable and are often used in the construction of buildings. They rarely deteriorate and have to be demolished. Therefore, underground bunkers that are made from concrete or steel are one of the safest options available on the market.

Allows People to Access Shelter Quickly

Do you know that the wind speed during tornadoes is so high that they destroy weather detection instruments, making it impossible for experts to detect the exact speed of tornado wind? Therefore, people need to invest in shelters that they can easily and quickly access, as even traveling a short distance to seek shelter is almost impossible during a raging tornado. Underground bunkers are installed inside a house, usually in the yard, and people can quickly move in them when needed.

Accommodate Various Things

Underground bunkers are designed to maximize security as they’re spacious. This means that underground bunkers can easily hold large families, pets, and even workers at a business facility. You can also move your personal belongings to the underground bunkers and keep them safe during the tornado.

The door to an underground bunker for Tornadoes

Looking for Underground Bunkers for Tornadoes? Get Started with Oklahoma Shelters

In-ground storm shelters keep your family and belongings safe from the raging wind. At Oklahoma Shelters, we have underground bunkers for tornadoes. Our customized tornado shelters can be built from steel or concrete and can fit a large number of people. Additionally, these Underground bunkers in OKC for tornadoes provide ventilation and even have electric wiring to keep you comfortable when you’re taking shelter from a tornado.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase an underground bunker for tornadoes, or get in touch with us for information.




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