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A grey above the ground storm shelter.

Above-Ground vs In-Ground Storm Shelters

The two most common options for storm shelters are above-ground and underground storm shelters. While they both serve the same purpose, serving as a safe place to hunker down during rough weather, they both have their pros and cons.

This article will help you decide which one to pick when you go for a storm shelter installation for your home or business:


When it comes to safety, the better option is an underground storm shelter. While an above-ground shelter can still provide a great deal of safety, the ground is usually unaffected by most calamities, excluding floods and earthquakes.

An underground storm shelter being installed.

This is why bunkers are built underground, since it is the safest place to be during unfortunate events, as the threat does not pass beneath the layers of the ground so easily. Despite how tightly bolted as above-ground solutions may be, they run the risk of having a large object knocking them off its base or trampling it.

The Installation Process

Both have their pros, but above ground solutions have an advantage when it comes to installation. A meticulous excavation process is required, which ensures that the soil is fit for setting in an underground bunker, and then ensures the layout does not have any underground lines along the perimeter.

For above-ground solutions, if they’re inside a building, all you have to do is make sure there are no heavy items on the floor above it. For outdoor installations, electric wires and trees shouldn’t be nearby.


In case you ever plan to move homes, you might be able to bring along your above-ground storm shelter with you. Loading it up on a truck will get the job done, but the same cannot be said for underground storm shelters. They are much tightly encased and cannot be transported, and you’ll be forced to give it up when you’re moving away but with the benefit of a better price for the property.

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