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A grey colored indoor storm shelter.

4 Advantages of Above Ground Storm Shelters

Above-ground shelters enjoy a great deal of popularity among potential buyers of storm shelters. They operate in the same manner as underground bunkers, differing only in the installation location for the most part.

And while you may hear that the safest place for a storm shelter is below the ground, here are some reasons why you should consider an above-ground installation:

Easy Installation

The biggest advantage of an above-ground storm shelter is how easy the installation process is. Unlike underground installations, the procedure doesn’t require any excavation or alteration to your home. The company will bring in the storm shelter and lay it out where you need it to be. It’s as simple as that.

Take It with You

There’s always a chance that you might leave your home for a new one, and if that storm shelter is underground, it won’t be coming along for the ride. The inconvenience beats the purpose, and you’re better off giving it away with the current property as a bonus. On the other hand, an above-ground shelter can be transported fairly easily, so you can expect it to tag along to your new humble abode for continued use.

Easier to Access

An above-ground shelter is usually placed in two spots, right outside your home or within a safe part of the house. Either way, it will be far more convenient to get into than an underground shelter; simply open the door and get inside like any other room.

Easier to Find in Case of Mishaps

In the unfortunate event of you not being able to leave the shelter, it will be easier to locate the shelter above the ground instead of an underground shelter, which may get covered up with dirt or debris, trapping the person inside. On the other hand, the above-ground shelter will stick out like a sore thumb, being an easier target to detect.

Oklahoma Shelters is providing a wide variety of products for the safety and security of the people of Oklahoma, such as storm shelterssafe roomsunderground bunkers and garage shelters in OKC. Their products are engineered to exceed the guidelines for safety provided by FEMA, going through the Texas Tech Impact Test twice a year to ensure adherence to the highest of standards. Whether you’re looking for a product for your home or business, Oklahoma Shelters can design and prepare it for you.

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