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Installing or preparing your storm shelter is an important step in securing your home.

3 Safety Measures to Take if You’re Hosting Friends and Family for Socially Distanced Holidays

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, or any other holiday, the season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to be around the people you love. But with that being said, it’s vital that you take certain safety measures and precautions to help keep your loved ones safe.

But with the coronavirus outbreak, winter weather, and the possibility of wintertime tornadoes, how do you make sure everyone stays safe and healthy?

Follow these tips and advice, and implement these measures around the holiday season for a safe, fun time:

1.     Clean, prepare or install your storm shelter

Your storm shelter should always be ready and accessible in case of an emergency, but when you’re hosting more people, it’s imperative that you focus on keeping it empty, clean, and ready for any emergency. Empty out your storage, clear out any unnecessary non-emergency supply, and stock up on food, medication, water, lights, blankets and other essentials.

In case a tornado strikes at any time during the festivities, your friends and family will have access to a safe space where they can hide. It’s not right for them to be out and about or scrambling to find a communal space to hide in, especially when Norman and Oklahoma City don’t have dedicated community shelters.

If you don’t have a storm shelter at home, get in touch with us before the holidays to have it installed.

2.     Be sure that your friends and family aren’t sick

This may be awkward, but remember that these are extenuating circumstances. Your friends and family members should not be socializing and interacting with others if they are ill or have tested positive. If they are travelling to be with you, request that they self-isolate before visiting, and encourage them to respect your pandemic boundaries.

Hosting dinners for the family is always a great way to spend the holidays and be with loved ones, but be sure to follow social distancing guidelines.

3.     Encourage facial coverings and masks when together

We all know that this year isn’t like others, and one of the most challenging aspects of it is adjusting to the new normal. This new normal means wearing face masks and coverings, especially in public, but sometimes even in social gatherings. It can be awkward and uncomfortable, but it’s incredibly important to limit the risk of transmission. You can and should focus on social distancing as much as possible too. If you’re all hanging out, be sure to keep adequate space of about 3-6 feet unless you’re absolutely sure that nobody has been exposed.

It can be difficult to get into the holiday spirit with everything going on, but it’s important to stick together and do whatever you can. Happy holidays!

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