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Having a storm shelter installed in your home before the holiday season can help you keep your family safe.

Why You Need a Storm Shelter Before the Holidays Roll Around

With November coming to a close and the holiday season being just a few weeks away, it’s incredibly important that you protect your home and family during this time. Investing in a storm shelter may not seem like the most obvious choice when you think of necessary measures, but you’d be surprised at how essential it is.

The holidays are an especially dangerous time with accidents of all sorts on the rise, and this year with the pandemic coming in for a second wave, it’s best to take every precaution necessary.

Some of the most important reasons to invest in a storm safe shelter before the holidays are:

Winter tornadoes can occur at any time

Winter tornadoes are not only highly unpredictable; they’re often a lot more lethal too. Due to faster wind speeds and greater occurrence at night, they can have severe impacts when they strike, which is why you should always have a place to seek shelter. An underground bunker can help you stay safe if you’re in Oklahoma City, especially if an unforeseen weather event occurs. You can also use our storm shelters during snow and ice-storms, especially underground and indoors.

Your guests and family will need protection

If you’re hosting friends and family, it’s especially important that you have a specifically designated area for storm safety. Cramping everyone under tables, in the basement or hiding out in the closet and hoping for the best isn’t a great idea in case of a tornado or any other type of severe weather event. Having a tornado shelter in your home will help everyone feel safer and more at ease and give them a place to hide safely in case of an emergency.

Your garage shelter installation can take a few hours, but within two weeks, your home will be secured.

It’s the perfect time before the new year

Making home renovations is always a great idea, especially when the year is ending and you know you’ll be able to afford it. A storm shelter, though essential, isn’t the cheapest safety feature for your home, which is why it’s crucial that you have sufficient time to save and plan. With the peak tornado season gone, for now, the weather is ideal for installation, and you can get in touch with our team to get a free estimate and know more about the installation process.

There’s no right time to get a shelter installation; the sooner you opt for it, the better it is for your family. Use this time off to focus on improving your home’s safety and offering your loved ones a sense of security.

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