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Steps to Prepare for A Hurricane

Hurricanes cause great loss of lives and property, and experts recommend staying indoors when one makes way into your area. Thankfully, forecasts can predict an estimate of when a hurricane might enter a region, allowing the inhabitants to prepare beforehand for the issue. These are some of the things to have on you for when a hurricane hits your area:

Stock Up on Water

Water is vital for the existence of all living things, so it’s a no-brainer to have a surplus supply of it before a hurricane comes rolling in. Apart from just quenching your thirst, it will also be required for cooking and sanitation purposes. Depending on the number of people and animals taking refuge, the amount of water to stock up on will have to be multiplied.

Keep A Radio with Extra Batteries

Hurricanes can easily take down power lines, so expect electricity and cellular signals to go out, and your phone battery will not last forever either. It’s important to have a radio on you that can keep you updated on the weather outside, as it can be difficult to determine on your own whether it’s safe to leave the premises or not. It will also provide a bit of entertainment in the form of music or other programs for when you start to feel down.

Prepare Food

Just like water, you’ll need extra food that can last you a few days to keep with you during the hurricane. You’ll likely be unaware of how long you’ll be hunkered down, so the food mustn’t expire very quickly. If you have pets or babies onboard, food for them must also be considered respectively.

First Aid Kit

During hurricanes and other weather-related calamities, people are bound to get hurt. If you find someone accompanying you during a hurricane requiring medical attention, you can attend to their needs using a first-aid kit. It will contain enough supplies to do preliminary work if the wound is severe, which can help a lot when the injured are handed off to medical professionals.

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