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lightning before a thunderstorm

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Ground Storm Shelters

Ground storm shelters can be safer than you expect them to be. Storm shelters and emergency plans help save approximately 10,000 lives each year.

At Oklahoma Shelters, we help shield you from climate-related mishaps. Here are five things you should know about over the ground tornado shelters:

1. Can bear heavyweights

When a storm hits your area, it brings along a lot of debris. These pieces of rock pose a grave threat to your safety, and protecting from them should be one of the prime roles of your shelter. Shelter models above the ground can bear the impact of natural disasters and protect the inhabitants.

2. Easy installment

An above-ground shelter is also easier to install on your property. You do not need to dig. Instead, your storm shelter can rest on the ground. As a result, above-ground models can be transported easily and shifted from one place to another with ease.

lightning before a thunderstorm

3. Highly accessible

You do not need any stairs or a ladder to get to your above-ground storm shelters. Hence, you won’t have to worry about falling and hurting yourself during an emergency. For this reason, above-ground shelters make the safest options for seniors and people with physical disabilities.

the wall of a storm shelter

4. Easy to use

Above-ground storm shelters have marked entrances. You can walk directly into a safe room; no stairs or ladders are required, unlike underground cellars, making them very convenient. Even with all that rubble and debris on top of it, the entrance is visible and easily accessible. Entry to underground storm shelters can easily get covered by large rocks and missed by emergency rescue teams, thus leaving you trapped.

5. Less risk of floods

Another benefit of above-ground storm shelters is that they have a reduced risk of flooding during heavy rainstorms.

Tornadoes, on average, cause 1,500 injuries annually. Don’t become a statistic and get an above-ground storm shelter now.


Invest in your future and contact us for all sorts of storm cellars above and below the ground. We specialize in installing storm shelters and safe rooms that are tested and can withstand the forces of extreme wind and debris amid storms.

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