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4 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Storm Shelters

Everyone wants to ensure they remain safe from storms but often hesitate when it comes to investing in storm shelters. They may be unsure about the functionality, value, versatility, and overall soundness of these safe havens. According to the records, there are 14,817 registered storm shelters in Oklahoma that account for only 6% of homes.

We’ve listed all reasons why we think installing a storm shelter is necessary.

1. It protects from storms

Tornados and severe thunderstorms can damage homes, and the debris they carry can cause a lot of destruction to your properties. Storm shelters can protect you and your loved ones from the wrath of natural calamities and ensure you remain safe.

2. Boosts your property’s value

graphs showing an increasing pattern

Apart from keeping your family safe, storm shelters can also help boost your home value. Tornado safe rooms are said to boost home value by 3.5% – 4%. People worrying about storm shelters being very costly should know that they are very cost-effective. The extra equity can sometimes cover the price of the safe room.

3. Offers peace of mind

With the constant fear of dangerous storms comes a good deal of anxiety. If you are constantly stressed about keeping your family safe, investing in a storm shelter will give you peace of mind that your family is safe and sound at all times, regardless of where you are.

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4. Storm shelters are tough

Besides storm shelters, all forms of infrastructure were destroyed by an F5 Tornado in Moore, OK. The storm shelter pulled through the devastating winds and remained the lone survivor amongst smashed wood and shattered glass. With steel walls and ceilings, storm shelters can withstand all sorts of harsh storms and weather conditions.

You can never be completely sure about when a storm is going to hit and how extreme it is going to be. You might find yourself in a disastrous situation in seconds. This alone highlights the importance of a storm shelter to ensure your family is safe even when severe weather comes with little or no warning.

At Oklahoma Shelters, we understand that the safety of your family is your number one priority. We want to help keep your family safe with a storm shelter. Contact us to buy in-ground, above-ground, garage, and concrete storm shelters in Oklahoma.

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