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People going into underground bunkers while a tornado is whirling in Oklahoma City.

Why Underground Storm Shelters Are Important in Oklahoma

Oklahoma experiences bad weather quite often, especially in spring, which is why people have to be prepared for the reported tornadoes as soon as possible. Most people opt for an underground storm shelter to stay safe when a storm or tornado rips apart homes.

What Are Underground Storm Shelters?

Underground storm shelters are pre-built structures made from steel or concrete that are installed under your yard or garage. Steel or concrete is necessary because they have to withstand the severity of the winds and storms.

People going into underground bunkers while a tornado is whirling in Oklahoma City.

Why Are Underground Storm Shelters Important?

You need a safe place to take shelter in the event of a tornado or storm. A tornado can sweep away everything above the ground, taking them high up with it.

If you’re planning on building a storm shelter underground, here are some reasons why it’s important.

It’s Easily Accessible

You can install a storm shelter close to you so you can access it during an emergency. There is risk in traveling when a tornado is whirling around, so a storm shelter can enable you and your family to take shelter immediately.

Can Be Built For More Than One Person

You can build an underground storm shelter for the whole family, and you can customize it according to your needs. Community shelters are open for everyone in a state of crisis, but they can become full very quickly. You can create some space for your car as well and add suitable features for people who use wheelchairs in the shelter.

Can Protect Other Valuables Too

Extreme weather with severe storms and tornados can take everything away, including your valuables. You can protect your jewelry, money and other valuables inside the underground shelter. It’s important to keep your documents safe. You cannot afford to lose your certificates, degrees, etc. You will also need the deed of your property for proof when everything collapses.

Stock Emergency Supplies Inside The Shelter

You can store food, water, medicines, a first aid kit, and extra clothing in an underground safe room as you may need them when you’re stuck in there and unable to go back inside the house.

An uprooted tree after a tornado hit Oklahoma City.

Building an underground shelter requires a significant investment. However, if you live in Oklahoma, you will need one to stay safe from the tornadoes. You can contact us to build an underground storm shelter in Oklahoma for you. All our shelters meet the FEMA 320 and ICC-500 standards, and you can also customize yours according to your preferences.

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